Did the buddha believe in reincarnation?

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There are so many different ‘sects’ of buddhism. Some believe in reincarnation and some don’t. Some say they believe in rebirth not reincarnation- and rebirth is not meant to be a literal term. What did the buddha believe?


  1. The Buddha spoke frequently about rebirth (upupatti), but he never spoke about reincarnation.
    (Since he taught the doctrines of *impermanence* and *non-self* (anatman), there is nothing that could reincarnate. This was part of the Buddha’s overall rejection of the core truths of the Vedic/Hindu tradition.)
    The Buddha usually linked rebirth with a discussion of karma. For example, at one point he says that, “someone [who] generates an afflictive volitional formation of body, speech, and mind . . . [will be] reborn in an afflictive world.” (AN 4:232; II 230-32)
    While virtually all Buddhist sects accept this teaching, there is disagreement about the nature of rebirth.
    More conservative schools describe rebirth as something which occurs from one lifetime to another. Such schools describe it as being like a candle flame, which is impermanent and lacks self-nature, but which can be passed from candle to candle.
    Other Buddhist schools, particularly in the Mahayana tradition, describe rebirth as something which occurs in each moment of consciousness. We unenlightened people cannot experience this constantly occurring rebirth, but someone who has attain enlightenment perceives each moment as a new moment of life.
    In my reading of the sutras, both views are consistent with the Buddha’s actual teaching words. And, in my years of practice, neither matter very much. They’re just ideas, and ideas do not lead to awakening.

  2. No! The buddha did not believe in reincarnation.
    He believed in rebirth.
    I mean, isn’t reincarnation mean like the same person being reborn again as that person (if that makes any sense)
    Rebirth is different though. When the being dies, its mind will go on…forgetting the emotions and memories and moving onto a completely different life depending on your karma from your previous lives. Of course, rebirth doesn’t just mean being reborn into another human body. You can be reborn as an animal, or in other worlds. It all depends on your previous deeds. You’d have to do alot of good karma to become a human. Lord Buddha has said that out of a whole forest, only about the amount of a leaf becomes humans. (it might have not been a forest…it could have been dirt on the ground or water…i can’t remember but i think you know what I mean. It was something along those lines)
    So I hope that answered your question


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