Home Discussion Forum Did the abrahamic religions have their roots in the dawn of agriculture?

Did the abrahamic religions have their roots in the dawn of agriculture?

Before the dawn of agriculture–societies were hunter/gatherers–shamanism was the religious belief (much like the abogrigine and american plains indians). The gods were a bit kinder and gentler–the “bad” deities weren’t the personification of evil–they were more playful–a personification of chaos.
The comes the dawn of agriculture–land is now worth something–has to be defended etc. Religion had to evolve to being centered around a fixed place–a temple or a shrine. people were in charge of these shrines or temples–good job–people give you money–food etc–so they’d want to protect that. It’s rather obvious that bigger stronger good guy gods and bigger stronger bad guy goods who would do terrible things need to evolve in the dogma–because it makes the leaders of the sect or temple stronger in the eyes of the followers. All of these concepts evolved over a thousand years or so in sumeria and egypt–different gods of course but the same general concepts with fixed places of worship. Then we have the hebrews who lived in the area between egypt and sumeria–being exposed to these ideas by the traders between the sumerian and egyptian empires–so they build a bigger and better “god” and a stronger “devil” from the stories they heard. Good reason for many of the bible stories to be transliterated from sumerian and egyptian myths isn’t it. (king sargon, gilgamesh epic).
You didn’t put enough thought into it–the inca’s were an agrarian society–had buildings and temples–land once again was worht something–before agriculture became a lifestyle–shamanism ruled the day–with much less required in the way of violence.


  1. Probably because in their societies they were more occupied with eating, and it took a lot of work to eat. So they may have found each dawn as an opportunity to harvest (and used that as a metaphor)…

  2. I suspect it had more to do with the desire to kill other tribes and take their stuff than defending their own stuff from other tribes, but the time frame might be correct.

  3. Modern civilization began with the advent of agriculture about 11,000 BCE just after the flood. The Abrahamic religions began in the late bronze age.

  4. What if the similarities in these religions were because God repeats himself over and over? What if they were foreshadowings of events? I know there were many dying and resurrecting gods. Sargon was found in the river floating as a baby before Moses was. Yeah it seems like plagarism of gods. We know Moses was taught in the way of the Egyptians.
    The advent of agriculture was way before Abraham. Look up the timelline.
    Abraham live in 1850 BC. Evidence of argiculture is noted at 9,000 BC.
    It is speculation to say the former religions were peaceful , loving and kind worshipers of nature prior to agriculture.
    People make this stuff up. What about the Incas who used people’s heads in sport events?I think they played games and the ones who lost, lost their heads. There is also the hearts being ripped out .
    Human nature does not change. People in every culture manipulate for power over others .
    There is the story of Cain and Abel which is supposed to reflect the tension between agriculture and hunting . Animal sacrifice seems like a bad idea and yet many religions do that. What about the Polynesians who would toss in a virgiin to appease the volcano god?What about tribes who practiced cannibalism and felt they took in a man’s power if they ate him? I am thinking of the Maori tribe in New Zealand dancing around with their tongues out and licking their lips in ritual.
    I mention these barbaric acts to say , there is no indication that humans were kind and gentler before the Abrahamic religions or before agrigulture.. There is evidence to the contrary. Humans are capable of horrible acts and it does not matter what their religion or non religion is. Look at what happens in times of war. People on both sides get crazy.


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