Did the 12 stones of the high priest's chest plate, act like chakra stones?





Yes I know, that the 12 stones represent the 12 tribes of Israel. And had the names of each tribe written on each stone. But did they ( the stones ) actually do anything? Why would God want them used?


  1. I assume that the stones were symbolic only. I suppose that God simply thought that the stones were pretty. Maybe God likes beauty also, just like we do.
    Worship in the temple had several “worship enhancers” like incense, for example, that was apparently intended for the sole purpose of putting the worshipers in a better (more Heavenly) mood. I assume that the stones benefited the people who saw them and thought that they were pretty.

  2. Yes. It’s interesting you bring this up because most religious folks would not want this talked about too openly. There are hints in the Bible that lead the reader to believe that if someone had a pressing question, they could ask it before the Holy of Holies with the High Priest. Letters would light up on the stones and the High Priest would arrange them into an answer. The letters would be the ones included in the names of the Twelve Tribes. As for mystical attributions, that’s some serious Kabbalah. I’m sure they did do something, because crystal formations tend to, but I’m not sure it had to do with the chakras. It’s more likely that practices like this one were the ancestors of runestones, Tarot, and the I Ching.

  3. The stones were just symbols for the Tribes as you set but is was also a reminder to the priest that he represented all the tribes to God when he went before Him. Other than that the stones had no power.

  4. Didn’t Melchizedek have such a chest plate as well? He did in Paulo Coelho’s “the Alchemist”… as Melchizedek is not a descendant of Abraham but his contemporary, it seems hard to believe the stones symbolized the twelve tribes to him.

  5. The placement of the stones upon the Breastplate of Judgment worn by the High Priest was symbolic for the most part.
    Exodus 28 tells us that there are also two onyx (sardonyx) stones worn on the High Priest’s shoulders upon which the names of the 12 Tribes are also engraved.
    Therefore, as the Priest entered the Holy of Holies, he was symbolically carrying the 12 tribes on his shoulders, and with the Breastplate, they were on his heart. The Priest was directly bearing the judgment for the 12 Tribes,
    As for chakra stones, you may be referring to the Urim and the Thummim, which we also attached to the Breastplate of Judgment. Though descriptions of their purpose and use have been lost, it is clear that these two stones were used to determine God’s will when He was sought for judgment on a matter. But again, “how” they worked has been lost, and the Bible is unclear. .

  6. Apparently the 12 tribes were viewed as being very special and of great value being represented by the stones of the high priest’s chest plate.
    Were the 12 stones borrowed by the Christians (Book of Revelation) and used as the foundation of Heaven (pearly gates/streets of gold) in the sky?

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