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Did Stephen King ever study Parapsychology?

I mean, just look at the stories he created. It seems like his stories contradicted paranormal theories of science in his writing. So was Stephen King a genious or just a brilliant storywriter?


  1. He used to teach English.
    I believe he would be the first to tell you thay are all made up.
    He has a brilliant imagination, that is all.
    I have read all 55 of his books.
    They are all on the shelf in my office, he is my favourite author, and I think he is quite sane and well balanced.
    Do they really have people like that in MAINE?
    PS to ozzy osborne fan.
    Yes the mist is a good story but the only book called ‘The Fog’ is sitting up on my book shelf and its by James Herbert.
    Am I cracking up? Have I missed one of his books?

  2. Yes. He was researching for his novel Misery. He studied many psychlogical fields to get a grasp on the psychotic character ‘Annie Wilkes.’ He even visited asylums. The full scope of his research is listed in the ‘acknowledgements’ page of Misery.

  3. The only thing he ever studied was the bottom of a beer can.
    The ending of the Dark tower series really disappointed me.

  4. Not in the sense that he took a class or did a research project in parapsychology. However, he does do some research for his books.
    Honestly ESP and psi abilities are much more exciting if you pretend that they are what skeptics claim they are super powers that work every time instead of what parapsychology claims them to be which is normal human abilities that can fail and are accurate a little more than chance that science has not yet fully explained as of yet.
    In fairness he is a fiction horror writer that makes no claim that his books are in any way representative of science or even reality.

  5. Stephen King did receive a bachelor of arts in English and a certificate to teach high school. he does say that he was made to write stories and he loves to write them and he cant imagine doing anything else….He also admits that he was often drunk ,(the shinning) it took him several years to admit that ,.that was the seed for the story .. that’s the other thing he starts with a seed and goes with it from there,so i guess that just makes him a brilliant genious storywriter
    I’m not sure what brought his darker side out but i truly enjoy reading his story’s, i have most of them, and i plan on contending to read all the ones he writes ,, i think he is the best writer of our time…

  6. No, he’s just always been an odd duck and kept to himself. In high school he was an observer and not a participant. How do I know this? The wife of one of my older cousins went to high school with him.
    He’s just a very gifted story writer.

  7. I don’t think he’s a “genius”. I don’t like any of his movies…or tv shows. I think he’s really weird and his stories don’t make sense. I wasted $5 recently on a rental dvd called “After”. Couldn’t even stand to watch it..so stupid & irrational. Guess I’m offending his fans. Wonder if anyone on here feels the same as I do about his work. He might be a nice guy…but where in the world does he get this stuff from???? If I wrote stories like he does…I’d hate to think what would happen to me!
    Edit..Yeah…I know the thumbs down are coming!! I’m ready! Sock it to me! lol
    Edit..OK..I’ll give him credit for the Dead Zone. I like the tv show.

  8. I think he *invented* parapsychology…. I mean look at all his stories ~ remember the one where the guy can touch someone and know their deepest, darkest secrets? The Dead Zone….

  9. Actually he wrote a book called “On Writing” where he talks all about his life and where his stories come from, you might want to check it out.
    He started writing for his school newspaper, sports. He handed in his first article and the editor sat him down and cut out about 90% of the article and said, good work.
    He was devastated at the moment, but later he realized he was using too many words to say something he should be saying straight forward. He became fascinated with english.
    The inspiriations of his stories vary, but he is almost always writing about himself. Cujo was really about his struggle with alcoholism. The Green Mile was actually a retelling of the story of Jesus Christ. (Jon Coffee – J.C. …).
    Carry was inspired one afternoon (before he made it big) when he was working a second job as a janitors assistant at a highschool. They were cleaning the womens locker room and he found a tampon.
    There is too much about his stories to talk about here. Know that almost every, if not all his stories are somehow alagorical to his own life.

  10. I would say he is part genius and he has a brilliant and exciting imagination. One could say that he is his own novel. He suffered great loss when his mother died at the young age of 59 and he and Tabitha contribute greatly to the Maine area and provide scholarships to the youth in Maine. He is a truly gifted writer.

  11. Yes he did…… I mean “The Mist” and “The Fog” how else you there be evil Mist and Fog other than the paranormal controlling it??

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