Did Professor Xavier from The X-men have the power to move objects with his mind?

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You know telekinesis and all that? Did he have that power?

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Pirate Girls Kick Butt!

Only through the power of controling other peoples minds. So, he could have them move objects.



Dean B

Yes. He had all powers of telepathy. That includes mind control, illusions, changing people’s memories, mind reading, and the power to move stuff with his mind, a.k.a. telekinesis.

Joseph B

I thought Professor Xavier did not have this power, but he did have many other powers that he could use his mind for. As far as I know though, only Jean Grey used this power.


no, he’s a telepath. He can comunicate, read, and control other people with his mind. He is not a telekinetic, someone who can manipulate objects through their mind.


no,he did not.


No, at least if he ever did it was for a a short period and due to some special influence.


No telekinesis. just telepathy. Reading minds, controlling peoples thougths, etc.


After working with Jean and helping her develop her telepathic abilities, he does discover he has telekinetic power, but it is so ridiculously weak that it’s not really worth working with.


You know I get emails telling me the questions you ask?

Jason C

No he does not have telekinesis. He is a telepathic one that can read peoples minds, create realistic telepath illusions, mind blast placing large amounts of information in another person’s mind. and many others.
For a complete list of his powers and abilties go to this link


It says he has telekinesis on the marvel website fact check silly


If he did, he would be able to move his own legs.


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