Did people forget that the real founding fathers were SHamans?

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thast right! Pagans healers WITCHES yup the real founding fathers of america were PAGAN gasp! im sure the religious right wing fundies dont like that too much do they
did i forget to mention they were *indians*
btw did i forget to mention Im *indian* as in cherokee comanche and navajo. i go where my ancestors go. and christians are just too damned hateful

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Oh, the Native Americans; my bad (usually when one says “founding fathers”, they mean the people who wrote the constitution and so forth). Yes, I totally agree with you, and I totally agree with you about the Christians coming in, enslaving them, killing them, torturing them, spreading diseases among their people, trying to convert them, and basically just stealing their land from them. Christians suck.

Marjo J

I’m in total agreement!

Tracy P

Of course not. Just because people believe one thing or another, all that is going to happen in the end when we are dead and buried, cremated, or anything else for that matter, is what are you going to say to Jesus when he says “Why should I let you join me in Heaven?”
All i know is that I would rather die believing in God and Jesus to find out that they don’t exist than to die and find out that they do exist and not know them. think about that.


Yep.The Native Americans were Pagans before the whites came over and basicly committed genocide.


sham on them. yours in J.C. p.w.l.


First of all, I guess we did forget that because the Lord God created us! Next, not all Christians are hateful!!!!!! Nobodys perfect but just because of some hypocrites doesnt mean were all bad!!!!!!!!!!!


Religious issues are sensitive to staunch believers of any religion.Many wars has been fought in the name of religions.The person above with that id is inciting violence and hatred among believers and non believers of Christianity.It doesn’t mean that if we are a democratic society, we have every right to condemn believers of another religion.Christian are terrorists666, you are violating the code of religious law and the Peace and Harmony our world is trying to establish.You are an individual and I would like you to know…You have a mind of a terrorist and please don’t be proud to be one.I would consider it a mortal sin.


Although, how useful is the word “pagan” when all it refers to is everything non-Christian? That’s still a big category; by that definition, there’s alot of pagan stuff that is wholly unrelated to the Native American practice.


That my friend I think is the whole point. The christian church esp the catholic church always wanted full power over everything, which goes completely against what God wanted to create.
There is a difference between teaching people about God or forcing them to accept your religion. And that is where this whole problem started. The christians went to the Americas to start a new world. And what they found we normal people who didn´t ´´know´´ about God, but were happy and content anyway. These were not like we believe witches to be but humans who prayered to their own Gods and use plants to heal, and with this was a pray(which is now called a chant). And the only way those people were picked out before being burnt at the stake was a test to see if they can swim!
To be trully honest that was the most pathetic thing ever, because I know people today in the 21st century who can´t swim for many variatiting reasons. And back then it was definately possible for most people not to be able to.
And as these people (men, women and little children) were brutally murder, the churches gained more power. Why I am not to sure maybe people grew scared or stupid and näive people accepted it as truth.
And it is thus the church who eradicated most of these lost memories.The church also had more power than the Kings and Queens. I mean you had to give the church a 5th of what you earned, didn´t matter if you could afford it or not. Now seriously what God would want you to starve so this can happen????????
So you can see how this would not be made know in everyday history, the church would clearly love to keep its power, and its noted that is has killed on many occasion to maintain it.


actually, the whole shaman thing is a buch of bs made up by new agers.
we may have been ‘pagans’, but I beleive that the Invaders displayed more ‘heathenistic’ tendancies than we did..


No, i aint forgot


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