Did Paul make use of Jesus the way Plato made use of Socrates?





Socrates never wrote a word, but Plato used him in his own writings to express his own ideas. Did Paul use Jesus the same way? Used the name Jesus to spread his own beliefs? Jesus, like Socrates, didn’t leave any writings of his own behind, but had someone speaking on his behalf. Really, we quote Paul more than anybody.


  1. “Hmm no. All you need to do is actually study Jesus words and then Paul?s and you see that they were in complete synch with one another. Besides if you trust the bible to be God?s word, why would God himself allow writings that usurped his own?s son?s teachings to be included in the bible cannon.”
    I think you need to study the word some more especially Paul’s writings and you will see that they are completely contradictory to what Ha’Shuah taught. YHWHSHWH….at lot has been taken from the bible and added to the bible which is complete violation of YHWH’s commandment. I personally believe Paul to be the first of many false prophets teaching his own ideas as opposed to Yahwehshuah’s

  2. That seems quite possible however this being the case we would have to rethink the Gospels again for it appears more and more obvious that the Jesus figure was spiritual and not physical.
    Read “The Gnostic Paul” by Prof Elaine Pagels.
    The Gnostics stated Jesus came back in spiritual form to save humanity from the evil Gods of the physical universe including the Hebrew God whom they referred to as “Samael”. (Blind God”).

  3. paul admits he’s teaching from a hallucination. Other common xtians of that time were the many people who believed in mythology, some believed in dionysus, others in adonis, but paul promoted jesus as god’s (zeus’s) first son, making his hallucination the supreme son of zeus.
    xtian was not jesus last name, but went from being attributed to mythology believing greeks to believers in jesus.
    Greece places the suffix -os, -sos, -sous, -sis, -sus, as an ode to zeus. jeSUS pays homage to zeus. zeus is the god that impregnates humans, NOT the God of Israel.
    paul was a greek and believed as a greek, but the success of paul was due to assimilating the Jewish scriptures to mythology, something never done before. Jewish scriptures (mistranslated and paganized) are the solid foundation that xtianity used to support paganism.
    there is no hell or demons in Judaism, but the old testmant is a perverted mistranslation of Jewish scripture.
    the gospels were written many years after paul died, but the gospels were written AS IF they came first. xtianity is a tragic comedy of errors that continues to delude well meaning followers.

  4. Paul was faithful when quoting YahwehShua, however what most don’t realize is he was faithful to the social beliefs of the time, which has nothing to with YahwehShua views.
    it is this miss-understanding that people quote, and has nothing to do with YahwehShua teachings.
    If they stuck to just the verbatim quotes of YahwehShua. there would be little or nothing they could use, except love, and the miracles of YahwehShua.

  5. I’d say so. Paul’s conversion story is no more reliable than Muhammad’s or Joseph Smith’s.
    There is a great book about Paul called “The Mythmaker” by Hyam Maccoby which lays out a strong case against the claims Paul made.

  6. Hmm no. All you need to do is actually study Jesus words and then Paul’s and you see that they were in complete synch with one another. Besides if you trust the bible to be God’s word, why would God himself allow writings that usurped his own’s son’s teachings to be included in the bible cannon.

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