Did Nostradamus say anything about Scotland or the UK in his prophecies?

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You’re having a laugh aren’t you?
Scotland wasn’t even discovered when Nostradamus was a boy!
Only Smarties have the answer.


What are you talking about!?!? You obviously don’t know anything about anything, Notradamus was born in December 1503 AD and scotland was founded in the 800’s AD. There are a number of quastrains relating to Scotland from Notradamus.


I believe he had a few quatrains that spoke of England being under water with the Highlands as an island, but these are just interpretations. Nostradamus was very vague.


Yes, Scotland will win the World Cup in 2010.


Who the heck is he …Nostradamus…some chap invented by another chap who can make loads of money selling tripe to the suckers who can wallow in generalities that fit into any everday function… the weather men have been taking lessons off this geezer…. ever noticed how their chart showers nearly always float over major conurbations even though it often never rains there… they are simply hedging their bets… life is a gamble nothing is 100% never was never will be… the only certainty is death… I’ll bet.

The voice of semi-reason

Yes he did… ignore these fools. He directly mentions Britain in:
Century X.–Quatrain 40
Century III.–Quatrain 70
Century VIII.–Quatrain 58
Century X.–Quatrain 42
And a few more to boot…


I doubt Nostradamus had anything to say about Scotland in particular,,would it matter if he did because he was so vague you could probably retrofit a heap of his prophecies and make them relevant to something.
Besides we don’t need him in Scotland,we had our own genuine and frighteningly accurate and relevant seer – The Brahan Seer,
I doubt any of you have heard of him,he looked through a round stone with a hole in the middle,he predicted the wars,the oil boom in the north sea,basically local/nationally relevant issues.
He made a prediction that ‘The Eagle Stone’ a stone above the village of Strathpeffer would cause disaster if it topples 3 times,it has topped 2 times so far and let’s put it this way,the Highland Council and people in general take him that seriously it is concreted and steel wired in place now.
He was accused of being a witch and put into a barrel of pitch and burned alive in Cromarty.
The Brahan Seer honestly makes Nostradamus look like Mystic Meg,,check him out !!!!


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