Did Nostradamus predict the rise of President Obama?

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I read on this website: http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/?c=117&a=1300
verse 243
The great empire will be torn from limb,
The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.
what do you think of that then?

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Killer Queen

I think that those predictions can be interpreted to fit whatever the person wants them to.

CheyEbz - 29.03.09 (its a boy!!)

I think there is too much hype around nostradamus!
How does that predict Obama?


No, Nostradamus predicted nothing.


Nostradamus is hogwash.
He made vague predictions that later people filled in the gaps to make them sound like he was right.


Most of the stuff attributed to Nostradamus wasn’t by him at all, and the stuff he did write had purely local significance – he was a jobbing astrologer. And the odd French/Latin rhymes he produced are so ambiguous they make the perfect Barnum statements, they could be applied to anything.
(And if you note, the ‘great empire’ can not be the US as it is barely two hundred years old, not four, and has not been all powerful for that long anyway!)

Mr NiceGuy

I think that this describes Osar De LaHoya.
Seriously, if you put any stock in Nostradamus predictions you’re too far gone already.
Read a newspaper from today, not what some guy read out of some chicken guts 2 thousand years ago.

Time travler

Nostradamus has been wrong before. Plus what he wrote can be interpeted many different ways. Remember that the bible tells us not to listen to such people, but to follow God only.


That was for George W Bush. We have been hearing the end is coming with every President since Reagan. Paaaalease, stop.


I doubt he had Fox News back then.


No! He predicted the fall of the most compassionate country ever to exist in the world


The Bible surely did


This is a interesting one.
“The great empire” – could be the British Empire or even the Holy roman empire. But now, theres been a power shift.
Although thesy say obama is of kenya decent – its possible that still his ancesteros was slaves in kenya so he is ‘the dark on from slaves come’.
And its a fact that the aryans – neo nazis, kkk etc are NOT HAPPY.
so yes, this could be a accurate prediction we are seeing now


That sounds more like Muhammad Ali. ‘the great one’
Cassius Clay
‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’


Write something vague enough and it can be interpreted to fit any event. If you look at biblical description of the antichrist, you could say that fits Obama too, a spell binding orator, a dark one, a man who promises a new way, to be a healer and peacemaker (I expect he can’t resist the urge, as most non-military background Presidents prove, to play commander in chief at some point, ticking off China when they hold our financial debt and the Panama Canal bodes ill, the Presidents he compares himself too, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, all are wartime Presidents, expect bigger adventurism than Carter’s flop in Iran, or Clinton’s misguided adventures in Bosnia and Mogadishu). No I don’t believe he is the antichrist, the antichrist of John of Pathos was Nero, but maybe we have elected our own Nero, time will tell. If Obama sends US troops into Gaza, with the Russians in Syria, it sets up the end times prophecies for Armageddon, and all those who want that will encourage it.


I predict the earth will continue to turn and the sun appear to rise tomorrow.
More validity there than nossy’s claims.

joan k

He also predicted that yellow men will rule the world, that could be interpreted as the Chinese economy. You can put any interpretation you like on his predictions.


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