Did my father see my higher self from the etheric world?

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One month before my father died of Parkinson’s Disease, he said that, twice, he saw me standing at the foot of his bed in a beautiful White gown. When he called my name, I stared and didn’t answer. He said I was perfectly solid-looking and not see through and that it upset him that I didn’t respond to him. Do you think he had one foot in this world and one foot in the next world–another dimension–the Spirit world because he was near death?

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I think it is more likely that he was hallucinating. Dreams and hallucinations can be very realistic after all. Before my grandmother died she began to call out for her mother when she was in pain and would often refer to us by her deceased husband’s name (“Truitt will you rub my back?”) It was creepy and it seemed like she was always calling out to dead people as if she felt that they were near here. They might have been, but I think she did that because her mind was going. Later she began to call us by her living sister’s name as well which reaffirmed this belief in my mind.


As I stated in your previous question, what a Parkinson’s patient claims to have seen is unreliable because their mind is being slowly deteriorated with no chance of stopping. Dementia and hallucinations are common symptoms of this debilitating disease. Read some educational sites online to learn more about the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s to better understand what your father was going through.


wow are you serious! dang he was still in this world! its just that there is angry to say “demons” and they like to mess with peoples minds, torture! fright, seeing things! its crazy stuff and it happens!




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