Did Murtha get hit by Karma?

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You know the Murtha that call Marines cold blooded killers before there was a trail.
A trail that they all got clear of charges.
Now the FBI has come it.
Save the line about innocent before prove to be guilty.
He had no problem with passing judgment on the Marines so he doesn’t get that same excuse.
So how much time should he get?
Ah Phil he claims he done nothing wrong.
He didn’t give those Marines the same curiosity so why should anyone else give him any?
I have served my country for over 10 years so what have you done beside whine about it?

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I hope so, Murtha as much as admitted taking bribes in an FBI sting, saying he “did business like that” he just waited to know them better. So he’s smart, just also obviously guilty as he was laying the groundwork to get bribes at a later date.
He needs to be busted and burned down. What he already said would have gotten him booted if he was a republican, he needs to go.

Phil M

Karma? No. Poor choices? Yes.
Let me get this straight. You think Murtha is “getting hit by karma” for presuming guilt before trial, yet you’re going to do the same thing?
That doesn’t make ANY sense.
I didn’t say he did nothing wrong. If you want to do the same things you criticize others for doing, then so be it. Why you would stoop to a level you think is repugnant is beyond me. Just don’t get mad when you’re called a hypocrite for it.
Your service doesn’t absolve you from being a hypocrite. Just face it. You’re upset at what he did and you’re going to act like he did to prove a point. Its hypocritical, but its your mirror.

Packin my Stimulus

is he still walking around under his own power? Yes? Then no Karma hasn’t gotten him yet, but its just a matter of time!

Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated

No, but it appears you were hit by the short bus.
“A trail”?
Why don’t you follow the trail down to the military recruiters office and go fight in iraq?


I hope they bury him, I just hope Obama doesn’t swoop in and save him. He was a big Obama supporter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t vote against him, I’m not in his district. He’s also a big one for pork stimulas.


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