Did Jordin Sparks pre-tape her singing of the Star Spangled Banner@ the super bowl?







  1. Both. It’s pre-taped just in case there’s a problem on the field. To me, it looked like it was the pre-taped voice. Tough to tell, though

  2. In my opinion, without a doubt. I am not sure when it was recorded, but anyone with a degree of perception who took a moment to watch her lips when she was “singing” it at the beginning of the game could have noticed that something was juuust a tad off (and I am not talking cable feed delay). Someone explained to me that the mike was live but that she was singing over a recording? I am not sure I buy that because then we would have heard two voices, right? Regardless, she could not have sounded so flawless in that environment, for a variety of reasons, not just having to do with her nerves.

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