Home Discussion Forum Did Jimmy Page commit human sacrifice in the name of Aleister Crowley?

Did Jimmy Page commit human sacrifice in the name of Aleister Crowley?

I read somewhere he did!
Ah. I knew he was into the occult, me and I know someone I know are too. I’ve learned my lesson- never believe websites that call the Beatles and Freddie Mercury evil 🙂
That’s what I meant. Like, I’m into Indian spiritualism, I find it intresting. I am not, however, Hindu, I’m Christian. It’s just how I worded it.


  1. Page wasn’t into the occult or witchcraft or satanism he was interested in Crowley as a philosopher and writer. Page purchased previous properties of Crowley’s estate and he had collectors items previously owned by Crowley. Page was just INTERESTED in Crowley as a person. Since when does being interested in someone make you an occultist? I know all this and I am not even a fan of Page or Led Zep. But I have heard all the BS about Page being into the occult and I will say its all Rumors and Bullsh*t

  2. He was heavily involved in the hermetic arts, talisman magick, and went as far as saying hie lived it….the fusion of magick and music. He also bought Aliestar Crowleys house in Lochness and owned an occult book store callled The Equinox. As far as sacrificing someone? No way….total nonsense. There was an unfortunate chain of events that started happening to the band, which many believe to be Jimmy’s fault for dabbling in the occult. However, unless he intentionally wished harm on anyone or manipulated their will for his own gain….those things were destined to happen anyways. While Zep did put out an aura of mystery and magick, and likely raised the cone of power on occasion…. I don’t believe they used black magick for their own gain. I’m sure Jimmy Page understood the dangers involved in black magic….three fold law, etc…..so i highly doublt he was messing with anything like that. Aliestar Crowley was a renouned hedonist and drug addict…..so maybe that was the main attraction. lol

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