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Did Jesus teach yoga and the end of all religion?

I’ve been searching in the wrong places for help with my neurological condition, The symptoms are beyond science. I thought that the magical being referred to as Jesus Christ could cure it. Seven years of praying proved me wrong. Then it all dawned on me at once.
All it takes is living with a Christian to know that the religion is all fakery and doesn’t encourage transformation. It encourages acting.
I later ditched the religion and started yoga instead, for yogis are more Christ-like than any Christian I ever met. Yoga is curing me at this very moment.
That’s why I believe there was once a yogi named Jesus Christ and people wrote about him and then people turned the writings into a way of perfunctorily acting. I believe that this Jewish yogi taught to end all religion and to concentrate on opening the ‘simple eye’ he spoke of, in other words, the third eye. So, yes, he did teach salvation. However, the Romans did a swell job at covering that up. Why do you think the symbolism at the Vatican is dedicated to the pineal gland (third eye)?
The ‘savior’ bit came from what he taught, which was yoga. That’s why it’s written there, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Yoke is yoga. Salvation comes through meditation because it’s a way of opening the third eye.
Whoever answers with ‘no’ hasn’t read the Bible. I’ve read it cover to cover before I started going to Christian churches in 2003.


  1. “If Jesus had really existed, then he wasn’t set to die on the cross by persecution of from the Jews. He taught the ancient wisdom (TM) at a time when man was not ready (~2,020 years ago, what do you think people would have thought about seeing a man flying threw air, and walking on water, and manifesting in the abilities to change reality to what they make of it?), and God was angry with him for doing this, and so it was God who sent Jesus to die on the cross.”- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    This being, if Jesus did exist, the missing time frame of his life, he was in India, learning TM and other techniques that were passed down from yogi to yogi, only a few or single student, for thousands of years, and he tried to make it public when man’s consciousness was not ready to experience it!

  2. Christ did not teach Yoga. He did teach meditation upon God’s word. He taught “i am the way the truth and the light no one enters the Kingdom but through me”.


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