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Did Jesus practice yoga/tantra?

Did he meditate? Practice mantra? Guru/disciple relationship? Perform miracles? (tantra and yoga has been around before he was born)
Prayer is a form of Bhakti yoga, or devotional yoga. I am talking about Jesus as he lived on earth. Yoga is not satanic, and making claims off what you read on wikipedia in terms of yoga is not a very good idea. Yes, you are suppose to awaken your kundalini. No, there isn’t a snake resting at the base of your spine….it’s symbolic.


  1. Some say he was in India and learned about scriptures and other thing, if it is so then there is every chance to practice both yoga and tantra.
    James below Yoga is far before Jesus was there on earth
    Make you history right or go to school once again
    And it is not satanic

  2. Jesus was around before yoga, incase you forgot who he claimed to be.
    No, he did not practice these things. These are satanic practices. Yoga is used to get in touch with the Kundalini spirit within. This is the spiritual connection to Lucifer the Light Bearer.

  3. Yes he did–and he used the same techniques referred to by Pantanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and, more recently Ihyengar. My new book, Quest for the Kingdom: The Secret teachings of Jesus in the Light of Yogic Mysticism was just published on April 8, 2011. It’s on Amazon, but you can get it inscribed at my website questforthekingdom.com and you will find lots of resources about Jesus and meditation there.


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