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Did Jesus ever reach Enlightenment or was Buddha the only spiritual teacher to accomplish this feat?


  1. Who can say? There is scant evidence of an ‘historical jesus’. There is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that would support the existence of a ‘divine jesus’. If an ‘historical jesus’ ever existed, I doubt he even reached the first level of chess.

  2. What is Enlightenment?
    Jesus was existing before the world and became flesh as the Messiah Savior of the world and ascended in a new body at the right hand of the Father and is glorfied and alive forevermore.

  3. He probably did after his soul crossed over. I am open to the possibility that, like the Buddha, Jesus was a prophet. Obviously, the church corrupted his teachings over 300 years after he died.
    That same soul could be the Dali Lama today.

  4. Jesus did go to India. If he got enlightenment, we do not know. The early Christian apostles squeezed out gnostic influence and other philosophies that were making things unmanageable for them. Look at the Gospel of Thomas for some of Jesus’ experiences in India.

  5. As a Christian I believe that Jesus was unique among the great spiritual leaders who have graced our world in that He did not have to ascend to enlightenment, but rather was enlightened from the beginning. In fact, you could even say He IS enlightenment. At the start of his gospel, St. John wrote “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1, NIV). This Word he is talking about is Jesus.
    As far as other spiritual teachers goes, I would like into it more. I certainly believe that the Buddha did attain enlightenment. But I feel quite strongly that some others have done so as well. I’d want to refresh my studies before I commented further on that though.
    Happy searching!

  6. From a Buddhist point of view, if Jesus would have reached enlightenment, he would probably also have taught the way to enlightenment, which he didn’t.
    As far as I can see, Jesus seems to have been a wise and compassionate man who pointed out many real problems and sources of suffering in our life in Samsara (the unenlightened cycle of death and rebirth, i e the opposite of Nirvana), and he also showed some useful ways to cope with our problems while we are still in Samsara. What he didn’t do, from a Buddhist point of view, was actually showing a way out of Samsara. He didn’t teach us the way to enlightenment, Nirvana and Buddhahood, just a way to make the best out of our present situation without changing the basic premises of our present existence. This is not enough from a Buddhist point of view.
    There are many other spiritual masters who have reached enlightenment, and just to name a few of the most famous, I could mention the Indian masters Nagarjuna, Shantideva, Chandrakirti, Padmasambhava and Atisha, and the Tibetan masters Milarepa and Tsongkhapa. They all not only showed all the signs of attaining full enlightenment, but also taught extensively on how to follow in their footsteps and attain enlightenment yourself.

  7. It takes an enlightened person to judge if another person is enlightened. What is important is that Jesus didn’t say that his teachings leads to enlightenment, but to the heaven. But Buddha had explicitly say that his teachings will lead to enlightenment, free from rebirth and all sufferings. In Buddhism, not just Buddha had accomplished this feat, many of his holy disciples had also accomplished.


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