Did Jesus believe in star signs and astrology? Are astrology and Christianity compatible?

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anything in the Bible on this?

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The wise men who supposedly predicted the birth of Jesus would have been astrologers who read signs in the stars.
More mumbo jumbo in the bible !

Ava Gabrielle

There is plenty on minding you own business


People will probably say it’s anti-Christian but that’s completely incorrect. They would probably be the same people who think the Bible is against abortion.


Jesus was a sun god


There is nothing directly in the Bible about this (that I know of).
Indirectly, it depends on how you think about and use Astrology.
If you think that a planet (as seen from the Earth) being in a certain constellation at a certain time causes or forces creatures to behave in certain ways, then you are setting yourself up to rely on something other than God more than you do on God, which is incompatible with Christianity (nevermind that most Christians in America rely on drugs and televsion more than they do on God, we’re talking about Astrology).
If you think that a planet (as seen from the Earth) being in a certain constellation at a certain time indicates a type of behavior that creatures on Earth usually engage in at that time, then you avoid setting yourself up to rely more on Astrology than you do on God.
Consider an alarm clock. You have to get up to go to school or work in the morning, so you set the alarm to ring early.
When it rings, it wakes you up (as you intended), now – – – does it force you to get up? does it cause you to get up? or does it indicate that you ‘should’ get up?
So now, do you think of Astrology as being a study of how God set the 9-handed clock? A study of how He affects nature all the time?
That is not incompatible with doing as Jesus has done. But it might piss off whatever church you are trying to be a member of.


Jesus was born under the star of Bethlehem and is Capricorn. There are more things than are dreampt of…in a Christian’s belief or philosophy. That’s what makes life so great. Variety is the spice of life. Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.


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