Did I just have a spiritual awakening?

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I mean, I’m an atheist, but I just took a bite of some chili-spiced small batch artisan chocolate. Something inside me woke up and said, “This is the best chocolate I’ve ever had!” I want the entire world to try this and simultaneously choco-gasm with me!
Seriously, you guys. Soooooo good.

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Just like in the movie Chocolat


Lol. I highly doubt you just had a spiritual connection. And that sounds rather gross. But most chocolate sounds rather gross to me.

(sassy & tangy) is ho-ho-hoing

I’m eating some truffles that I just made and was seriously looking for a word to describe the sensation. I’m stealing chocogasm for sure.


I just have snorted a like of coke and had a spiritual awakening too.


For those who like hot spices, I suppose this would be ecstasy. But I understand excellent chocolate being compared with orgasm. That experience I have had. Then there was the time my late husband dipped himself in chocolate . . . OMGOMGOMGOMG


Technically no, because the Aztecs have been mixing chili’s in their hot cocoa before Jebus was born.

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