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Did I have an out of body experience?

I would have sleep paralysis once or twice a week, but after years of having it, I started gaining the ability to control it.
During sleep paralysis, I would lift myself out of my physical body. (I feel really really heavy – sometimes I’m unable to exit my body). I would drag heavily on the floor walking around then going through the window and jumping out. I’ve tried going through the wall but I can only go through glass.
Also recently I had another experience it was nothing like my normal sleep paralysis feeling. Although my memory is very fuzzy I felt I was sleeping quite awkwardly, then in an instant I came out my body and saw myself lying there in the awkward position. It looked very real, and felt nothing like sleep paralysis. This ended a minute later when my brother opened the door and I woke up without moving. I looked at myself and my position was exactly the same position I was in when I saw myself.


  1. Visual and auditory hallucinations are extremely common with sleep paralysis.
    What you had is essentially the same thing as a dream; whether you want to call that an “out of body experience” is entirely up to you, since that term does not have a clinical or scientific definition.

  2. “I would have sleep paralysis once or twice a week,”
    No, you “have” it EVERY TIME YOU GO TO SLEEP. Everybody does, with serious consequential exceptions. It’s an integral part of the sleep process.
    The LACK of sleep paralysis in some individuals most famously manifests itself as somnambulism, aka “sleepwalking”. Less dramatic but more common forms of a diminished SP involves “acting out” in bed, such as punching and kicking in your sleep, sometimes to the point of injuring your spouse (or other bedmate).


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