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Did I feel a ball of chi in my hands?

I found a video on how to form a ball of chi between my hands. I did as it said but didn’t feel anything. I kept practicing it and just recently started feeling something. I’m not sure if it is a ball of energy or just my mind playing tricks on me. So tell me what you think it could be.
I would keep my hands kind of close like they would be if i was holding a softball. I visualize a stream of water going from my stomach and up to my chest. The stream of water splits in 2 directions going toward my arms. the water then seperates into my fingers. is it hits my fingertips, i imagine the water turning into energy and coming into my hands. after visualizing that for a minute or so, i start moving my hands closer and further.
When I move my hands apart, I barely feel something trying to pull my hands back together. Sometimes when I move my hands closer, it feels like my hands are trying to pull away.
Everytime I experience this, it feels as if something is moving up and down my arms, like i’m giving and taking energy when moving my hands.
Everytime this happens, i feel a little weaker than before I started. So this leads me to believe it was an actual ball of energy. What I want to know is, Do any of you think this is a ball of chi energy? If not, then what is this feeling I get in my hands?


  1. Visualization is powerful stuff. Thought is the basis of our entire reality. Everything begins with the energy of thought. Cars, houses, cold medicine, railroads, phones, computers, televisions…someone had to THINK these things up before they could exist.
    My point is that what you think will inevitably become real when you put enough energy into it. And you were putting your mental energy into creating energy! So yes…you were probably feeling the manifestation of what you were trying to create: a ball of chi.


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