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Did I encounter a ghost or was I hearing things? Did I encounter ghost or Old Hag?

1. When I was in high school, and right after my grandmother passed, I arrived home one day after school. Went downstairs put a load of clothes in. Heard a woman say my name and I thought it was my mom so I yelled upstairs that I was in the basement. This happened twice again as she called my two more times. When I went upstairs I said aloud “Didn’t you hear me. I said I was downstairs.” No one was there.
2. One night after putting my little brother to sleep, I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep. I remember being unable to move and a light sort of like moonlight on water was on my closet door and I heard what I thought was my grandmother call my name. It lasted for a few seconds. Then the light disappeared.
3. I used to stay with my mother and her fiance in his house after I came back from college. I was sleeping in the basement and I heard a sniffing around my face and I felt the sensation of something sniffing me. I couldn’t move and didn’t see anything.


  1. all 3 examples could be explained logically
    but it is nice for you to keep on thinking it was your gran
    and whos to say it definately wasnt anyway

  2. Quite often we penetrate the veil and hear things. One of the most prone times for this is in that time when we are drifting off to sleep or just waking up. This time is when we are slightly out of our body and become aware of things using the sense of our spiritual body.
    My grandmother appeared to me 2 nights after she passed away, and she was visible and told me she was alright. It may be that your grandmother was doing the same thing in her own way.
    Don’t let these things concern you, take comfort in them. If you do see an apparition, it will startle you very likely, but try to remain calm and don’t attempt to touch it.
    If you ever have an unpleasant experience involving non-living beings imagine yourself surrounded by bright white light and tell it to leave in the name of either Jesus or Elohim.
    To rid yourself of paranormal experiences if you desire to, sprinke sea salt in your window sills and place mirrors around.

  3. You are defiantly hearing a spirit! The love connection never leaves. Usually stuff like what your going through runs in families. Have you asked anyone ? I bet someone else in your family has had similar experience as! It’s not anything bad so don’t worry about that.The sniffing you mentioned animals that have passed on can be spirits also.Have you had a pet that pasted on? Next time you hear anything ask who it is and what they want. If you can’t hear them well ask them to speak louder. (Talk out loud when asking.) If interested check out my website at http://www.goodpsychicmedium.com

  4. Yes you encountered at least one ghost.

  5. ether-real volcals, light source of unknown origins, full body temporal paralysis, second sence concerning nasal actifity in close proximity…yep! youve been ghosted. leave a piece of paper and an open bottle of ink on the table and write a message to your dearly departed. the bottle of ink is to possibly receive a reply, a pen is too difficult for an astral to pick up, let alone write how their day is going. help the poor sould to cross over because, unless she was a bit of a control freak during her time in the phisical world, floating around your house cant be fun for her.
    alternatively she could be bound to an object in your possesion otherwise she shouldnt have been able to leave her departure point or home. return it to her somehow…what? i know these things.


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