Did I do my aura color reading correctly?

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I looked in a mirror at my third eye chakra. A white covered window was my background. When I closed my eyes, I swear I heard/felt something like thunder or a storm. My aura looked like an outline, is that it? It was purple for a moment, then more blue, before ending in pink. I was shocked and a little jarred.
The outline was just a little fuzzy because naturally my hands weren’t perfectly still, would that affect it at all?
After the pink, it was a little bit whiter
Anyone who is interested, that’s the instruction that I followed
I tried again, with a song playing. If indigo is the chakra’s color, it still cleared and turned pink again also.

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I don’t know but I think I’ll try it. Sounds like it worked.


Hey – I see Auras. An aura is an outline around your body. Sometimes an aura is a little bit fuzzy because that is the way they are but if you practise lots it should get better.


I can’t help you out but the link looks interesting. Thanks for posting it. I am gonna try it.

Sherry F

Well indigo is the main color for the third eye chakra. It sounds like that’s what you saw. I will try that.


You say that was your first time? Nicely done! Go to
or arielspeaks,com for color translations and ways to help clear out or”cleanse” negative energies from your aura as well as other people’s
Good Luck


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