Home Discussion Forum Did I almost complete my astral projection? please help?

Did I almost complete my astral projection? please help?

Did I almost complete my astral projection? please help?
For skeptics, before you blab its fake and so on forth, read some books and it’s been proven to be real, and mentioned in the Bible also.
I was trying to do it, and I felt a vibration of some sort and the last thing I remember I am going through a dark tunnel, and i got too scared/excited I woke up 🙁
I also suffer from sleep paraylsis, so my SP caused it also


  1. Almost complete it???
    It sounds like you just started, you didn’t even see the Astral Plane billions of colors as you fly faster and faster, after this you will get to a blinding bright white light. It will be the brightest light you ever saw it will be so bright it might snap you out of it. If it does not you will eventually come to some doors and a guardian. These could be closed or open, if closed the guardian will test your worthiness of passing through the gates. If you are worthy the gates open and you can travel anywhere in the universe.
    Another place you may find yourself ending up is through the light to the beginning, the no-thing. This is the void it has nothing in it, I remember I
    I made it here, it was so cool, I felt like I could see forever in any direction but there was nothing I was standing on nothing behind me nothing above me nothing to my sides and nothing in front of me. It was awesome to be there experiencing this!

  2. I don’t know, but I feel sorry for you because it seems I’ve gone through those same problems myself. It comes and goes but I don’t tell my husband when it does happen because he thinks I’m dreaming.Have you felt like a ghost or something floating to the top of your bedroom and you are aware of alot of things? I have and do not like it but it’s interesting.Hasn’t happened in a while

  3. I have done it once when I was younger, and didnt know what was happening, and I have never been able to do it again. There was no tunnel, i could just see myself from above


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