Home Discussion Forum Did I almost astral project? 10 points for best answer!!?

Did I almost astral project? 10 points for best answer!!?

Ok, I just tried to astral project and I felt a vibration going thru my body and it felt like i was being lifted up. But then a door shut really loud in my house and I opened my eyes. Did I almost astral project? Please help! And don’t say there is no such thing cuz there is!


  1. If you actually astral projected you probably would have seen visions of traveling to somewhere else in your head. You probably just started to draw energy into your body.

  2. Well, it is a different type of process for every person, and usually happens by accident; it is possible that you almost did. BTW, check to see if anyone slammed any doors or anything because that actually could be a different sound possibly coming from your spine which can make a cracking sound during astral projections.

  3. yes you did=]
    just make sure you take safety precautions next time. use a ring of salt around you. it can be dangerous with souls who want a body.
    Blessed Be!! )O(

  4. Astral Projection is also referred to as OBE or Out of Body Experience. The mind is in a trance state called Focus 10. Focus 10 means the body is asleep but the mind is awake. The common effects at this point are the ability to see through closed eyelids, vibrations occurring throughout the body, and or a falling sensation. The projected double, referred to as the Astral Double, may freely move through the Astral Planes or the Real Time Zone. The real Time zone is the closest thing to the physical, and has almost every resemblance to reality. The Astral planes are the higher planes in which one can travel. During a projection, people have reported, Flying, passing through solid objects, seeing into the past and future, communicating with the deceased, and visiting far away planets. This phenomenon can only be proven by the individual performing it.

  5. You fell asleep for a moment and dreamed. A much more likely and logical explanation than you almost astral projected.
    Was that a nice way to say that there is no such thing as astral projection?

  6. I answered your other question.
    You really don’t need help. You did it correct but that door slamming……….. you should be pissed off at whoever slammed the door lol.
    By the way, you DO NOT need a ring of salt around you. That is just silly. Nobody can enter your physical body while astral traveling. Your spirit doesn’t leave your body, just your consciousness.


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