Did Hitler really try to use the occult to win world war two?

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This includes things like magic, zombies, etc. Also if when you answer you could provide sources for proof behind your answer I would appreciate it.

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I don’t think anything like zombies, I don’t have proof but have heard and read (I don’t remember where) he used astrologers and fortune tellers to predict where they would win battles, or where to send troops, things like that. He also may have believed somewhat in ancient Nordic gods rather than Christianity and sometimes they are associated with the Wicca religion or ‘witchcraft’. But I doubt he really believed in anything, Christian, pagan or anything, just in his own ego and his own horrible hatreds.

gaylene B

Hitler did not think much of the occult, but many of his followers did. In a recently transcribed silent movie film (using lip readers to translate) he derided some “physic discoveries”.
He did feel that his coming to power was his destiny and that his escape from many assassination attempts was due to the hand of fate.
wiki’s website is biased as usual, but contains references you can look for : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler_and_the_Occult
Not wiki, maybe less biased – http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/themagazine/vol10/articles/hitlerhistory.shtml

rich k

Hitler was a great believer in the occult and it’s well documented that he used astrologers as advisers in planning his campaigns, I know of nothing to suggest that he made any actual attempts to employ the supernatural beyond that.

Nathan P

Not directly no, as has been said he did consult astrologers but unlike movies have portrayed hitler never attempted to use the occult or the supernatural as a weapon, did he toy with the idea? perhaps but truly we’ll never know. Heinrich Himler, the head of the SS was much more eccentric than hitler and though documents have never turned up to prove it SS members after the war alleged that himler ordered experiments concerning the occult. so the answer to your question as far as hard evidence tells us is no but evidence of programs concerning the occult could easily have been destroyed in the chaos of post-war Germany. maybe someday documented evidence will turn up but the fact is that without hard evidence all the claims are just that, claims, not facts.


apparently he did send out NAZIS to collect Christian relics Like the Spear that was supposed to have pierced the Side of Jesus and he had archaeologists looking for the Cup of Christ


Hitler was seriously wounded twice during his time fighting in the trenches of the western front during WWI. There was also an one particular occasion where his gut told him to get up and go into the dugout, a few minutes later an artillery shell landed where he had just moved from, killing his fellow soldiers with whom he had just been eating.
He believed these close calls with death were no coincidence but divine intervention. He definitely believed that a higher power was guarding his flank! His rise to power as chancellor of Germany only helped to cement his belief of divine intervention.


Surprisingly no, not at all, Hitler had been helped by members of the Thule Society to improve his ‘public speaking’ and to a great extent body language. The Thule Society did promote the ‘occult’ and some very prominent SS members were in it, including Rudolp Hess and Heinrich Himmler.
I think it was Himmler who took it most seriously but Hitler himself literally ignored it.

Greg C

The Spear of Longinus was considered a powerful relic of the Church and Hitler is rumored to have wanted it. It and a nail from the cross of Jesus are now on display in the Vienna Historical Museum in Austria. I have seen it. It is called the Spear of Destiny. He thought whoever owned it could conquer the world. This is the spearhead that pierced the side of Christ. Longinus was a Roman soldier and he converted to Christianity after that.
Hitler is also rumored to have sought evidence of Atlantis, and sent people to see mystics in Tibet to look for hidden knowledge. He supposedly also consulted an astrologer. Some of the info on him is speculative so don’t count too much on it. But he was a strong believer in symbolism and the occult.

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