Did europeans practice shamanism pre-modern times?

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when I think of the shamans, I think of south amrica, mexico, africa, australia and such but really never see it as a european thing. They just seemed like druids or celts. Is there similarities.
It just sounds kinda weird.–white indigenous shamans of europe

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the druids could be compared to shamans, yes – they did similar things and served a similar role


Yes they did. All humans started their civilizations in a “tribal” sort of way.


The pre-modern Europeans had shaman type members of their communities. Druids and Celts had mystical people in their midst.

Sick Puppie

Shaman priests were included in most all primitive cultures, but they went by different names. There weren’t too much differences between them and witch-doctors or medicine men. Where ever there was practice of animism, you can be sure the holy man is to some degree a shaman.


druids and celts did have similar practices as shamans, such as multiple gods and human sacrifice.

Rebel Gal

I think what the Celts and Druids did could be seen as shamanism.
Here’s a dictionary definition:
The animistic religion of certain peoples of northern Asia in which mediation between the visible and spirit worlds is effected by shamans.
A similar religion or set of beliefs, especially among certain Native American peoples.


the word Shaman comes from Siberia (Northern Asia)… it means Spirit Walker. Native American Medicine Men HATE to be called shamans. It isn’t their title. Most indigenous people have different titles.


Many practice the native religions, Druidism and Asatru


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