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Did catholic go against meditation?

I am a catholic, I read in a magazine that meditation can clear my mind years ago and started to do it. I notice it help clear stuff that i been worried about. When I read meditation, I find that catholic are criticize meditation as some evil desires. I notice there are similarities with zen meditation and Christan’s, and there is a book out there. Can some one explain to me!!!


  • Go to http://www.comtemplativeoutreach.org to get some insights from Fr.Thomas Keating who teaches Centering Prayer, a meditation — contemplation. Early Christians practiced contemplation and the practice was very much alive with the desert Fathers and Mothers. Until 16th century contemplation was the main objective of Christians. You can learn one of the Christian Meditations if you want and feel comfortable in your Catholic Tradition. There are several books on Centering Prayer and you can learn from the details available online. All the Best for your search for Peace, meditation and or contemplation!
    Catholics are not against meditation. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

  • Zen and meditation helps guide me on my own path, not someone else’s path. It helps me to discipline my mind and encourages my spiritual growth… The group conscience is always threatened by individual thought. A person who does not think and act as they do, or questions group doctrine, must be quieted. It is important to say that these groups serve an important function in society, they give people a place to “feel part of” and feel safe.. They use words like Father, Shepherd, Flock and Sheep. I find my comfort in words like Enlightenment, Quality and Goodness. I think all paths are good provided they cause no harm to others.

  • If you are a true Catholic you should inform yourself about this, ask a priest, call the Catholic Radio 117XM radio, or send EWTN a letter. People criticize what they don’t know, so check it out first, there is always a reason for our beliefs we have a religion that is over 2,000 years old with apostolic succession and remember that the Popes we have had don’t just wake up one day and say something or wake up from a dream with a new mandate, it takes years of study and talk with the Bishops, theologians and other members of the church. Personally I think that new age contradicts Christian teaching because they teach that salvation is wished for by you and you bring it: where as Christianity shows us that salvation is given to us By Jesus Christ and to be considered his brothers we must follow his commandments. Remember what Archbishop Foltensheen said…that people hate what they believe is the Catholic Church, I hope that you do continue your meditation, When I talk to God I feel the same way & I consider it a form of meditation. I also hope that you know your faith: the true teachings vs what we are claimed to teach and the REAL reasons why. <3

  • Meditation is just the attempt to keep one’s thoughts on God. The mind is unfocused, drifting from regret to fear to planning to memory to pain, and it is quite a task to still it long enough to send any message of love toward God.
    Saying the rosary is one means to remind the brain gently to return, return, return to God.
    Don’t fear meditation just because it sounds Eastern. You can walk in a garden and meditate, you can mediate sitting on the back porch, it’s just a turning of your mind toward the Beloved.

  • Knowing that there is a God who is good, who knows us, who is near to us-this is truly the gospel, the good news that brings us joy. And the Holy Father is the bearer of good news in these fifty-five reflections on passages from the gospels.
    A strong advocate of lectio divina, the prayerful reading of Scripture, Pope Benedict has said this practice has the potential to bring about a “new spiritual springtime” in the Church. In this collection, taken from homilies and addresses since becoming pope, the Holy Father shows us by example how much nourishment and inspiration we can derive from meditating on Scripture as he opens our hearts and minds to God’s love and its power to renew our world

  • There is actually a meditation chapel at my parish. So, no… meditation isn’t against Catholic teaching, but meditating on Christ or Mother Mary or the acts of the Saints and Apostles of Christ etc. are encouraged more than imagining a ball of light at your 3rd chakrah and so forth, but I don’t think even that would be against God if you are meditating on Christ and His love at the same time or meditating on heaven… etc. but that is between you and God, so for this, you would have to pray about this and search your own heart and mind.

  • i was a catholic. technically, you can do meditation. but it is about power. church wants complete control over people, so it intervene in private life every way it can. you can ask different priests, they could tell you different opinions. one tells “go for it” while the another ” stay away”.

  • Meditation has been proven to have it’s advantages.
    If it helps you, then continue doing it.

    As for Catholicism, or any other form of religion, their word(s) should never be accepted as a reliable source of information.

  • If you are a catholic you can do almost anything except killing. Neither the priest nor the nuns are going to chase after you just because you meditate. Go ahead and meditate all you want buddy. It is real good for you.

  • Meditate, thus, it mollifies the frenzies in your mind and spirit. You do not need to worry about what a religion says. If you are serving God, that’s all that matter. Prayer is a form a meditation, too, in a sense. So that’s contradictory to say it’s evil. What an inane assumption.

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