Home Discussion Forum Did Buddha acieved enlightenment by mindfulness of breathing ?

Did Buddha acieved enlightenment by mindfulness of breathing ?

This is what i’ve heard , he gave up meditation and simply watched his breath and voila enlghtenment


  1. Breathing does help you center yourself and focus your mind……….
    But technically, that in itself is meditation……………

  2. Nope, enlightenment is when the kundalini energy rises to the top chakra. It occured as it was given on to him from the universe

  3. It was just the first step. The second was, I believe watching your skin’s responses. Then feeling the flow of energy altogether. And a lot more.

  4. Yes & No. Mindfulness of breathing is how you start your meditation (samadhi). When you achieve samadhi you then enter the insightful stage of vipassana. Most meditators are stuck on the first stage alone and can’t get to the second. A skilled meditator skips between different levels at will, and there are over 40 aspects of insight meditation which most buddhist monks are happy to focus and conquer just one but Buddha is said to have achieved them all.
    My friend did a 10 day 10-hour-a-day meditation session where she was in intense discomfort by the 9th day when she noticed her breathing and somehow everything suddenly made sense and she reached something she’s never reached before. I think it’s something one has to experience themselves to understand it.

  5. Enlightenment is many things to many people based on their references and views they currently hold.
    The only enlightenment is realizing you already are.

  6. chasing after enlightenment is not a good way to become enlightened.
    mindfulness of breathing or not mindfulness of breathing is just more dualistic thought.
    best to just practice.

  7. with your alcoholic meditation dear, it’s not a surprise that you don’t know that real meditation is simply watching breath, and concentrating on it like an infant do with an empty mind!
    what he left was the traditional techniques of starving one self and living in extreme hardship, that’s why he ate rice and called for the middle way, that is between the ordinary people’s (like me) lust for life and the extreme hermetic ways.
    i prefer zen buddhism where enlightenment is never achieved in just one moment, but as a whole life process, where you can get it any time and lose it, in any moment of the present when loose, somehow, connection with past and future and live the dying moment to its full, like in haiku poem.

  8. I have a bad memory for retaining the whole story, but certainly his whole life is determinant for his mind. Siddhartha. He broke free of his subject and his breath found him. The poor man lost his mother at birth.

  9. There was a Chinese Ch’an/Zen Buddhist monk worked very hard on his meditation home works, and he was always meditating (watch the breath is still one of the techniques in Ch’an practices). Once, his master asked why did he meditate so much, and he responded, “I want to be a Buddha.”
    His master didn’t say anything at the time, and next day while this monk was doing his meditation again and his master came prepared with a brick and begin to grind the brick against the ground, and made a lot of racket.
    So the monk got so curious and asked his master what he was doing; his master responded to him, “I try to grind a mirror out of the brick.” The monk thought it was funny and laughed a loud and exclaimed, “It is impossible to get a mirror by grinding the brick.”
    So his master calmly explained, “It isn’t possible to become a Buddha by doing the meditation alone also.”
    I hope you understand, I have just answered your question.

  10. He achieved enlightenment by understanding the four Noble truths and following the eightfold path. Breathing meditation is only a part of it.


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