Did anyone who had a near death experience experience hell?





Most of the time the stories I hear of near death experiences are like ‘I saw the light, it was so peaceful’ Well did anyone have other experiences that made them think they were going to hell or somewhere unhappy?


  1. The clue is in the title!! NEAR death experience!! They are very much alive and merely subject to the brains response to oxygen starvation!
    Interesting an experiment was carried out in many countries a few years back. Signs and symbols were placed on top of lampshades and high points in hospital rooms.
    In some hospitals patients were told they were there and in other hospitals it was kept secret.
    In the hospitals where they were told there were almost no reports of NDEs and those that were reported were the very restricted type.
    In the hospitals where it was kept secret there were NDE claims but none could say what the signs or symbols were showing that there claims were false!!
    To cap it all the research showed that all those claiming anything other than the basic NDE were christians!
    The psychiatrist are now interested in why it induces such a fantasy in the religious!

  2. They usually say a tunnel with light at the end. This is because the eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the body, so when the heart stops pumping and blood then stops getting to the pupil and retina the begin to shrink, creating the illusion of “tunnel of light” surrounded by blackness.
    DMT also plays a role in near death hallucinations

  3. The funny thing about that is usually when someone is unconscious they have some sort of light shined in their face. For example, doctors and paramedics often shine a flashlight in your eyes to gauge the reaction of your pupils.

  4. There are a lot of people who have claimed to have been to Hell, or have experienced what it’s like. I’m a little ashamed to admit, my parents used to listen to CDs of some guy who talked about his near death experience. Though, I’m quite certain almost any near death experience story of this nature was either a hallucination, or just a way for some people to profit off of their narrow escaping of death.

  5. I have had what the bible refers to as a ‘vision’ which was out of this world, but nothing about Hell or Heaven – What i’ve learned from the bible is that the western world myth of Hell is not real though.
    Hell is not an eternal fire like most people are taught. The reason they are taught that comes from Jude 7 and 2 peter 2:6. Where sodom and gomorrah are used as examples of being burned eternally, however they were not burned eternally. They were burned until they were destroyed and obliterated.
    Much like the human soul.
    We have not achieved immortality yet – that’s the gift of Christ. Your soul dies in Hell (Matthew 10:28). Only in heaven is our soul eternal.
    God also mentions this in Ezekiel 18:20.
    So don’t worry about being burned with fire and pitchforks. God will never punish us for trillions of years for a lifetime of sins. He will simply destroy us from existence unless we accept Christ.
    I know it sounds grim, but to me thats great news.

  6. I’ve never had a NDE or seen hell but on youtube you can look up near death experiences and there’s a story from a woman who was living a not so great life partying and drinking and sleeping with many guys and not believing in God after her children were taken from her. She got in a car accident and died instantly and was taken into hell. There she said she felt like she was falling and falling forever away from the light into pitch darkness and then faces, screaming faces in agony were coming at her in the darkness as she fell and there were hands and claws grabbing at her, trying to rip her flesh off. She then said she cried out to God to save her and hands stronger than she’ll ever know propelled her out of the darkness toward the light. She then woke up in the hospital with glass in her face and a really bad head injury.
    It was an amazing story. just go on youtube

  7. I’ve never heard of anyone saying that. Which is just a better argument for Pagans, because surely they’re not all going to heaven, I think they’re confusing heaven with the summerland. Hell doesn’t exist.

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