Did anyone see that in the Energy Bill not yet signed they are going to spend $1.5B to put CO2 in the earth?

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Just research it really, nothing large scale.
That’s 1.5 BILLION to research compressing carbon dioxide and pumping it into various places in the Earth. One of the projects must be done “outside the US” presumably so we can employ more foreigners.
Imagine the price tag on actually pumping large amounts of CO2 into the Earth. And the energy necessary to compress all of that.

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mike d

why does CO2 need to be pupmed into the earth?

Del Piero 10

Maybe we could pump the CO2 into the Atlantic Ocean and have the World’s biggest Salty Soda.

Mr. Georgia

I heard about that….. not sure that point of it….. They are also thinking about putting some kind of gas into the upper ozone to reflect the sunlight….. I just hope it doesn’t backfire and block out too much….. seems kinda dangerous to me.

jim m

You need to look at who is getting the money and not the job request. Our gov does stuff like this all the time. Its a way of spreading the wealth a little bit. You can be sure a few senators are making out. Its also known as pork.


This is done to sequester carbon.
There is a much cheaper and easier way to sequester carbon.
That is to put carbon containing materials such as newspapers and cardboard into dry landfills where they will not break down, instead of recycling them.
You can do this with garden waste too, instead of composting it.


Carbon sequestration is an important technology. If you can collect the carbon emissions from coal-burning power plants and sequester it underground, it makes coal a viable fuel source that won’t contribute much to global warming.

Maren McKahon

This dumb idea, like so many others, ignores the CO2 thats already in the atmosphere.

Hairy Cookie

It’s very hard thing to do. Lot of engineering difficulties burying CO2 into the ground.
But the coal industry probably want to stay alive and I’m sure they got big lobbying firms working for them too.
I think the coal industry might be willing to spend some of their own money into this technology if it helps them stay alive. Remember that many wants to restrict plants that burn coal. If they get this thing working they can burn more coals. Coal industry have lot of incentive to spend their own money in this if this technology becomes available.
This is coal industry’s attempt to stay alive in increasingly ‘green’ country.


Why not bump that up another billion and buy all the reserves of Diet Coke syrup and combine it all with water into a giant cavern. Then dump in a few gigatons of Mentos…
…yeah, it wouldn’t have any effect on global warming – pretty much like taking all that carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in the first place. But it would be SO much cooler for my tax dollar!


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