Did anyone else think Hillary was pouting during the speech?





She sat there looking like a child who had been scolded in front of her friends. She never smiled, body language said angry, and I think it’s dawning on her that Bill is doing more damage than good and time has run out for the Clintons. When Ted Kennedy announced his support of Obama he made it clear he doesn’t think she has a chance of winning the general election and that Bill had clearly crossed the line of decency with his lying about Obama.
It’s also common knowledge now that the Clinton campaign workers have people assigned to Yahoo and other message boards to immediately report any negative postings about her and have them removed. In a way I kinda feel sorry for her because all of her Karma is now coming back to her in spades and there is nothing she can do now but get what she deserves while the entire country watches. Reminds me of an over the hill boxer that doesn’t know when to quit and ends up getting a terrible butt whipping. Watch this post be removed.
To the kiddies who have trouble with comprehensive reading: I wasn’t complaning or for or against her. Just making an observation. No wonder we’re having to outsource to comp for your dumbed down education. Kids will be kids!


  1. If you are interested in FACTS, GOOGLE the 1st Clinton Foundation Investigation (The people who this organization “HELPS” only get 10%) and then Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi (They asked for troops repeatedly and she said “NO” every time)and Do you really want a President who is not smart enough to know that “ANY” information coming from “ANY” part of the White House could, by chance, (a chance I would not take)get American’s KILLED! Come on….Just sayin…ARE YOU SMART ENOUGH TO KEEP ALL EMAIL’S ON A SAFE SERVER IF YOU WERE IN ANY OFFICE??????

  2. Most of your post get removed because you insult people{mainly women with children}. You constantly call people scum and other negative things. You have the nerve to speculate on someone’s education? When you are the one that uses indecent low-life uneducated language. It’s not Yahoo, it is You and your strange sick view on society. John McCain will be our next president…so what gender and race will you pick on next?

  3. We only saw her once. So how can we say she pouted. Hillary is an intelligent lady. She would not be in her position if she was not. And don’t be too happy to brag about Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama. It may not bring good results with it. The Kennedy family carries a n unlucky stigma with them. Ted has been a very good senator. And a fortunate one. The democrats would have loved for him to run for President. He was too smart for that. He did lose two brothers. One as the president. And one favored to become the next president. Every thing that appears to be good is not always good for you.

  4. Don’t lie, you were crying like a baby cause it was dubya last state of the union speech. You were only projecting on Hillary. I’m sure you’ll drown yourself in a nice fella at the gay bar tonight.

  5. She probably was mad and justifiably so…She was gracious enough to go shake hands with Kennedy and Obama and Obama turned his back and snubbed her.
    He was being an arrogant @ss!
    Go get him Hillary, stomp his arrogant @ss!

  6. ha ha! Ditto! Yea, I keep thinking Hillary is tapping my phone lines just like she did with the candidates she ran against! Yes its true!
    I think BILLARY stans are removing these questions too!
    I asked a question saying “Is anyone afraid jeb bush will run for president soon?” just to make fun of the long and forever reigning clinton and bush administration
    obviously BILLARY doesn’t want people to suspect that ! LOL. Mayb the’ve been planning this regime for a long time!

  7. I don’t think she was “pouting”.
    She had previously made a comment celebrating that this was Bush’s last SotU Address. So, as part of her campaign strategy, she was there in her seat with a look of general disapproval for the cameras.

  8. Grow up. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for president. She’s extremely intelligent and has the strength and will to get this country back on it’s feet. She’s one tough cookie and that’s what I like about her. I’m sick of pussywhipped, bend over backwards democrats who won’t fight for anything. She will and she’s got my vote.

  9. Hillary pouts and whines all the time, and some americans are stupid enough to fall for her bs.
    Obama gets the support of esteemed Democrats like Kerry, Kennedy, etc. and Hillary whines about it.

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