Did anyone else ever hear that Tiger Woods had eye surgery prior to his golf career that enhanced his eyes?

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When I say enhanced, I am talking about better then 20/20 vision that gives him an edge on his game. Was this just a rumor or does anyone have documentation to back this claim up.

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alex k

its a very common thing now, lasik surgery can increase your vision from 20/20, im pretty sure he did it i dont recollect, i know he had eye surgery though for sure.

Joel D

I think you’re referring to Lasik, and I believe he had it at one point.


He did have lasik to correct poor vision. Improvement to his eyesight was to avoid glasses or contacts. See http://www.worldgolf.com/blogs/golf-for-beginners/2006/12/12/are_the_lasik_eyes_of_tiger_woods_akin_t

ted L

tiger woods had lasik eye surgery. he used to have a stgmatizm or something and wore contact lenses. its not a radical surgery or anything that would improve his edge over the game. he was tired of wearing contacts and glasses. he even did a commercial for the company like 5 years ago.


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