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Did anyone else become an atheist after you realize that church doesn't teach what is in the bible?

I started noticing that the basic Christian interpretation of these ancient stories written by what were basically pagans, the Gnostics and the Essenes, were way way off from what the book actually says. It’s a book about the sun, the solstices and equinoxes, astronomy, astrology, and shamanism. With no understanding, knowledge, or gnosis of these things, it’s impossible to understand what these stories are really about. Therefore do you Christians believe that by having blind faith in the wrong thing you’re going to get some magical key to some mystical pie in the sky? You’ve been conned, but only because you wanted to be conned.


  1. You lost me. What book are you talking about? What have I been conned by? I’ve already got my “pie in the sky” and I get to eat it too. It’s really good! Too bad you can’t get some.

  2. Somewhat, yes. I realized that it was absurd to think that humans could simultaneously be insignificant to “god” and still know what “god” thinks and wants. From there I realized how irrational the idea of a god existing was.

  3. I started to smell blantant hypocrisy by the time I was a teenager. I remember asking questions about why they say one thing and do another and I all I got was a runaround.

  4. Over the last three years I became very involved with the church because my kids attended catholic school. I was a eucharistic minister and constantly dealt with teachers and church people. The irony was that it was these interaction that helped me become an atheist. All the absurdity and hypocrisy and intolerance just help me get over my delusion. Of course, living in the Midwest surrounded by a bunch of intolerant people also contributed to my realization.

  5. I liked the fact that the minister didn’t just talk about the Bible the whole time. It just wouldn’t have been very interesting to me. I was pretty young the last time I really sat through a real service that wasn’t a funeral.

  6. I would hardly say it is blind faith. Prophecies were fulfilled and dates of writting confirmed by outside sources. The Bible is accurate. As far as interpretation, Scripture interprets Scripture. If one portion is vague, go to another part that deals with the same topic for further clarity. I find it difficult to believe you can not understand a person raising the dead or rising from the dead himself. Even the “ancient” people with no gnosis understood what dead meant.
    I wish more ministers would give honest answers and reasons for their faith. It is good to question things, but it seems that all a lot of people got was a lot of “just because” type answers. How sad! There are some good answers. See below.
    I do agree tht often times there are doctrines taught in the churches that are NOT in harmony with the Bible or have been grossly compromised. But I DO believe that the Bible can be understood, and that it was inspired by God for that purpose.

  7. they dont know that they r following something that is mythiology. . . its that they believe word for word that the bible is the book of life. They are one dimensional thinkers, and r waiting to ride the tale of the comet. please compare and contrast

  8. I believe in a higher power because it is. I believe that the bible is a good history book, written in the way all history books are with the belief of the writers.
    My belief is that one should never base their beliefs on a book, but by the answers and feelings in ones heart. If anything, I believe in a higher power because of what the bible doesn’t say.
    But I also don’t believe in a heaven or a hell. My belief is that this planet is a hell, one of many, just like there are many heavens. But it is through this hell that we grow and become stronger souls.
    Organized religion is as much evil as no religion. I believe that Spirituality or Philosophy starts with the self, and how we utilize what Spirit has given us. We shouldn’t base our belief in a higher power because someone else says so.


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