Did any believers pray or meditate for healing of the planet today?

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Did you focus your intentions on death or rebirth? What about acceptance or intolerance? Hate or love? The thoughts you choose to entertain and focus on carry energy that can manifest positive or negative. One mindset will keep us going in the direction of the end. A different mindset will bring the planet and it’s inhabitants healing. Are you willing to lose our home over a false document? Have you asked God personally what he would really want for his beautiful creation?

Answer by Meg
I pray for the end everyday.

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Believers…May people believe in many things. I believe in Mother Gaia, and yes, I pray to her. I wish for her health and happiness, so that all of us may be healthy and happy as well.
And what is this “false document” you speak of?


the question is a good one and yes my thoughts will go out to add peace love and healing to the earth and peoples.
the rest i’m sorry i didn’t take in but enjoy the day and stay happy.


Yes I did.. At present my altar is set up in honour of the Gaia..
I don’t believe in your God !!
I believe that the Universe is the womb of all life and therefore feminine, so I ask the Goddess…
Blessed Be… )O(


Of course, we do…but you know that twinsma. Love ya, Mel


I do pray – quite a lot – but not to God in the deist sense. I believe our whole reality is pervaded by a spiritual dimension we are only beginning to fathom. So my “prayers” are directed both inward and through my spirit outward to the whole universe,or so I feel. I put my own spiritual energy to work on behalf of all that is good: for peace,for happiness,for an end to suffering,for a clean environment and for kindness to all that lives. I am only a small aspect of the spiritual realm or aspect of reality,but I do believe we all strive together whether we realize it or not. Eventually our spirituality – the only thing other than material attachments that connects us – will merge to increasingly high levels of commonality and a true human consciousness may emerge,instead of a level bounded on the one hand by the concept of purely individual souls,and on the the other by creeds and dogma. In brief – I pray.


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