Did Aleister Crowley have any known mental illness?

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i’m just curious. i know he was a drug addict but did he have any kind of mental illness?

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I think you could make an argument for megalomania.

Lilith Raven

His Dad was a preacher – does that count?…………..
Plymouth Bretheren actually………….

Rene O

Yes. It’s called possession. It’s what happens when you open your mind up to Satan.

Gaylord Hardy

Possibly. Why don’t you look it up on wikipedia? I’d do it myself, but I’m in the middle of a routine traffic stop right now (I’m a cop in South Central)

St Thomas of Borg

Nothing that could have been diagnosed at the time he lived.
“Yes. It’s called possession. It’s what happens when you open your mind up to Satan.”
And where in the DSM IV does *this* particular diagnosis fall? Where did you get your medical degree? Your psychology degree?


He was deathly afraid of third nipples. Irrationally so.

The Manswer.

There would really be no way of knowing, as he was never institutionalized or saw a mental health expert. He was addicted to heroin most of his life, and regularly used several other drugs. He was also known to have lovers from high society who he would turn into drug addicts and then leave when someone more interesting came along.
He may have been a sociopath, but that term wasn’t even used back then.

magpieix A.L.M.N.

Not that I know if.
Today he would probably be considered to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but there was no such diagnosis back then.


many say he was mentally ill many say he was a visionary some may say he started going insane after he summoned Choronzon while he was in the Golden Dawn if you study on Choronzon it as known to cause people to go insane it would never go away


I was wondering the same thing i suspect he shares the same type of disorder as me. Known as schizotypal personality disorder


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