Did Albert Einstein predict anything about the world ending in 2012?





I know that when I was in middle school, teachers told me that not “ALL” websites are trustable. There are many websites, including NASA and UNIVERSETODAY, states that Einstein did state that a polar shift happened. Then, other websites would state that Einstein did not.
Did he predict anything about the world ending in 2012 or not? I just wanted it cleared up.


  1. Exactly what are lindajun’s qualifications to keep making the statement that Earths magnetic field HAS TO TO ZERO before a shift in polarity happens? There is NO statement in ANY professional publication that makes that makes that assertion.
    We didn’t know about magnetic polarity reversals until the 1960’s. Einstein died in 1953.

  2. Nothing.
    He died before the first things about 2012 started being invented.
    NASA would certainly not say that because NASA knows that the polar shift (in relation to 2012) is impossible. You must have stumbled upon a fake site posing as a NASA site.

  3. I can’t wait for 2013. At least then people will have to make up another date for the “end of the world.”
    No, Einstein did not predict anything about 2012.

  4. We have geological evidence that the magnetic poles have shifted quite significantly and randomly in the past. But Einstein was not a geologist, so I’d be slightly surprised if he offered a comment on this. And the idea of NASA having a page with an Einstein quote on geology also seems a little out of place. Do you have a link?
    Don’t you find it a little odd that today, in 2009, all of a sudden there are supposedly dozens of predictions going back centuries that all point to 2012 being the end of the world? Don’t you think that if we knew in, say, 1950 that there were all these prophecies and scientific sources all pointing to that date, that somebody would have said something before now?

  5. No, he didn’t
    The 2012 stuff is all garbage, so you can safely dismiss any of the proponents of anything happening in 2012 as either nutters or grifters.
    They are either crazy or want your money.

  6. Einstein did not “predict” anything – he was a scientist, not a prophet. He adhered to the scientific method, which doesn’t support predictions that have no scientific basis to start with.
    Pole shifts (if you mean magnetic field reversals) have occured on occasion in the past and could occur in the future. But for that to happen our magnetic field has to decrease until it is zero, then build back up again with the opposite polarity. That can’t happen in just a few years. If our magnetic field were to continue to decline as it appears to be doing right now at the current rate, it will become zero in the year AD 3000 (not 2012).
    The “2012 end of the world” trash didn’t start until a few years ago – there was nothing about 2012 before the turn of the century. Einstein wouldn’t have any reason to theorize about 2012.

  7. Taking the totality of man’s existance from our common ancestor Adam to us in the 3rd millenium, we have had comet collisions that took a part of our flora and fauna away but man, the most dominant creation, has continued to survive. But, mordernization has created a new problem. This is reflected in the previous solar storm from the sun causing forest fires, transmission line shorts, and transformer break downs. They say gallileo predicted a solar storm in 2012. Then, we must learn from past experiences and take precautions. We must also develop solenoid devices to eject space monitors at 11 km/second to travel to the sun using pentane recyclers or similar power density vehicles having antigravity mechanics in their ram jets that work in vacuum to update ourselves on the solar flares and asteroids in the solar system today and defend ourselves.

  8. Albert Einstein did not predict anything about the end of the world, in 2012 or any other year. Nor did he predict any “polar shift”.

  9. No. Albert Einstein made no predictions about 2012 being the end of the world, or anything else. No respectable scientist would make such a prediction. As far as I know, he also made no statements about polar shifts, since that was way outside his areas of expertise. Do you have links to these statements, or is this just something somebody told you?

  10. Well, first of all, magnetic pole reversals have happened numerous times in Earth’s history. We know this from examining geological records. Based on how much time typically passes between shifts, we are “due” for one sometime soon (soon meaning anytime in the next couple millenia). If one does happen it will not harm us. Compasses would be wrong and there may be other repercussions but it isn’t going to kill us or anything.
    Second, Einstein made no predictions about 2012. I do not know if he ever discussed the concept of magnetic pole reversals but I doubt he did.

  11. Complete reversals of Earth’s magnetic poles *have* happened numerous times in the distant past. They *will* probably happen again, but there’s not one shred of scientific evidence predicting such an event in 2012. Even if a reversal were to begin, it takes at least a thousand years for completion.
    I’ve read a couple of biographies on Einstein, and in neither of them was there any mention whatsoever that Einstein predicted the end of the world in 2012 or any other time.

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