Home Discussion Forum did albert einstein help make a chocolate bomb?

did albert einstein help make a chocolate bomb?

there is this myth i heard recently that says that albert einstein helped build a bomb that was disguised as a harmless bar of chocolate that would explode when attempted to be eaten. According to the myth, this bomb was used by the Nazi SS to kill many of Hitler’s opponents.
did this assasination tool exist? did albert einstein truly help invent this?


  1. No, it didn’t exist.
    I’ve never run across hints of anything even remotely like this outside of parodies in Mad Magazine (although I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some intelligence maven had considered making one!).
    As to Professor Einstein…he and his wife left Europe in 1932, when the Nazis were coming to power, and bought a home in Princeton, NJ in 1933. His only known involvement with the war effort, indeed, with bomb-making of any kind, was to write the letter to President Roosevelt alerting him to the fact that weapons using atomic fission were theoretically possible, and that there was reason to believe that Germany was pursuing such capability. In any event, why would Einstein, a Jew who left Germany due to the Nazi’s policies of persecuting Jews, be willing to help them in any capacity?


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