Did Adam and Eve possibly consume the fruit of the Anadenanthera tree (which contains dimethyltryptamine)?

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Dimethyltryptamine is the most potent hallucinogen known to man and has been tagged the “Spirit Molecule” by Dr. Rick Strassman of the Cottonwood Research Institute. It is produced naturally within the pineal gland while dreaming and during death. Users have related near-death experiences and most share similar if not identical visions of otherworldly creatures and environments. I have my own personal reasons for asking this…very strange.

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While it’s often thought that the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was an apple, we have no way of knowing what it actually was or if it even exists today. Anything is possible…

Nick H

It was only speculated to be produced during dreaming and near death experiences, Strassman made that claim without any data to back it up, and no data has emerged to support it.
But that’s besides the point, monoamine-oxidase enzymes metabolize oral DMT(dimethyltryptamine), so it must be extracted and smoked or taken with an MAOI to produce any effect.
So no, the extremely small amount of DMT in this plant (there’s DMT in thousands of plants) wouldn’t have any effect.


In the garden of eden where ever that was had trees and one tree called the tree of knowledge and that is where Adam & Eve met and it was a fig tree. They both covered their genitals by plucking the leaves of the fig tree. God told them not to taste the forbidden fruit and no monkey business is allowed. Temptation was too strong and they both took off each others fig leaf and did sexual foreplay on each other[oral sex] they tasted the forbidden fruit. This led to normal sex and Abel was born,anda while later Cain was born,
Adam favoured Abel as best behaved son,but Cain was jealous and killed him. No one can really say if they ate any fruit at all.


So much of this is wrong.
The serpent convinced eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. After she felt like she made a mistake and had Adam eat it also so she would not feel alone. After God went looking for them in the garden but they were ashamed of their naked bodies so they hid them with fig leaves. Abel was the first son of Adam Cain was the 2nd. Abel was in charge of gardening and Cain was a Shepard. When they went to God with their sacrifices God paid more attention to Cains lamb than abels fruits and veggies. Cain was jealous so on the way down the mountain he smashed his brothers head with a rock.


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