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Did a spirit guide me, or was it just my subconscious mind?

This happens to me pretty regularly.
I’m reading a book and put it down, forgetting to put a bookmark in to mark my spot. Then later, inexplicably I grab the book, and without thinking let my fingers do the walking; I find myself on the very page I left off at.
This happened to me this morning, yesterday I was reading an ebook in PDF form. I left off on page 245, but while my computer was on it decided to bounce me back to the beginning of the book. I scrolled my mouse down without really thinking about it and ended up just a few pages past where I’d been, in a single stroke of the mouse.
Do we underestimate the power of our subconscious mind? Or, did some spirit sitting its astral self on my shoulder guide my hand, seemingly with nothing better to do than help me find my place (so to speak)?
Bella: Yes this has happened with smaller books, often with those the spine has been bent such that the gap is the one my hand naturally slides into. This has also happened though with huge hardcover textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
Ties that bind: I would think so if it weren’t for the fact that it happens around 95% of the time for me.


  1. You must bend the spine a little. When you read a book you have to bend it back, even a little and this leaves a natural stay in the book.

  2. It could be that your brain is just very good at judging where you would be. I don’t think it is a a spirit guide– I think it is you.


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