Developing " mindfulness " is suicide of the Bodhisattva ?






As we know from the Buddha is that developing ” mindfulness ” leads to Arhantship OR suck you inside the stream that later turns into arhantship , if the state of Arahantship is reach there is NO return anymore in next life , you simply bliss out.
The Bodhisattva worst nightmare is that he can not return anymore in his next life to develop his power , so to developing ” mindfullness ” means suicide . How the Bodhisattva deal with his training of compasion ? If you developing someting to a high level automaticly mindfullness grow with.So the Bodhisattva comes soon or later to a point that his mindfulness are very very strong that he begin to see the TRUTH and that means simply the end of his career he become than a Arahant ( enlightment ) or he swim inside the stream to become a Arahant, am i wrong ??


  1. is this English or Tripitaka ? I’m enlightened. The truth hearts and ruthless. try to enlighten yourself first. This answer is just not to disappoint you because no one will answer this manbo jambo.

  2. You are wrong.
    A bodhisattva is someone who has already attained enlightenment, complete mindfulness, and chooses to remain in this world to work for the enlightenment of all sentient beings.
    To reach that depth of mindfulness, a person has to have let go of all attachments, including attachment to the idea of enlightenment or saving all sentient beings. So your hypothesis of a worst nightmare does not hold up whatsoever.
    From great compassion, a bodhisattva intentionally refrains from blissing out and abandoning the cycles of reincarnation. At least until all are able to do so. That’s the point of the vow.
    I think you’re confusing two different schools/periods of Buddhist thinking. Not all of them fit together neatly.
    At least not until you’ve reached enlightenment. 😉

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