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Details that would be included in a 'Magick Spell Report'?? What would be included…any ideas?

If you could give me an idea of what a person would type…..say the spellcaster wanted to lengthen it up a bit and write a page on ‘how the spell was performed’ etc What would be some things that would be included?? Any ‘fancy’ or magick words would be great…this will help so much…I love learning about this…thanks =)
Similar to a step by step guide of how everything was performed.


  1. Yes,the most important detail in any report on “magic spells”,would be that they do not work in reality,that’s all just a lot of superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

  2. Quite honestly?
    You don’t do one at all.
    One the spell has been done, the only place it should be recorded is in your own private diary or book of shadows.
    Think about it….is it a “done” thing to tell other people your most private prayers?
    Also….they tend to work much better if you do them..then put them from your mind.
    That’s not a throwaway comment, that’s from the Man who taught me, a Gardinian High-Priest and an initiate of one of his first covens.(True!)
    There are no such thing as fancy magic words, and anyone who says otherwise is a charlatain and is trying to fool you. If you FEEL like tarting up a spell,(it’s nice to make it feel special) then fair enough, whatever works for you….but it’s no more or less of a spell with fancy wording.
    Witchcraft and Spellasting rituals are not something to be tarted up with fancy words, and no true teacher would ask you to write-up the intimate details of your commune with the Gods.

  3. First off, the first answer is speaking gibberish. There is no ‘scientific proof’ that witchcraft does not work. There is simply no evidence to state either way. Completely different.
    Secondly, I would not bother with a report.
    Witchcraft is a highly personal thing. Do whatever feels natural to you. If something feels abhorrent or unnatural, that’s generally a sign you are doing it wrong.
    There is no ‘one size fits all’ with witchcraft, each person has their own style and belief. Only you can truly discover what suits you.
    Also, learning what you are suited to is part of the process of learning. It is advised not to skip that step 🙂


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