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Describe the jewish belief of the Kabbalah as it relates to the religious text of the Zohar?

This is a religion question.


  1. I starred this question for you, so some of my contacts might be able to provide you with an answer.
    This isn’t a field of knowledge I’m versed in, sorry.

  2. There are many many misconceptions about Kabbalah. Kabbalah has nothing to do with any religion and any religion may study. It has nothing to do with mysticism, red strings, holy water or evil eyes. Kabbalah means reception and the study of Kabalah is the study of how to receive from the Creator in order to please the Creator. The Zohar is not a religious text. It is a scientific study of the structure of the spiritual worlds. Here is a short video clip you might find interesting

  3. As Peter said, Kabbalah is not a belief, its a science thru which you can have access to the Upper World which governs everything down here. We live in the world of effects. With Kabbalah, we get to know the world of causes. There is a method to reach that state and its basically studying thru the original sources (writings of Rav Yehuda Ashlag and Rabash) since they are the best suited for the types of soul we have nowdays.
    Studying the Zohar can help those who have already reached some spiritual degree in the study, its not meant to be studied for those still struggling with the 1st steps.
    This is a webpage on the Zohar:
    You may also be interested in taking a free online (an very good) course on Kabbalah on:


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