Depopulation – The real deal?

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There are theories out there that suggest that the New World Order are planning a large scale depopulation of the planet. It’s not hard to think that if we carry on living the way we are doing with the many of us that are on this planet, we will drive ourselves to extinction… If that IS the case then there needs to be ALOT less of us on the planet for the human race to survive at all.
This is where the depopulation theory comes in. If a large percentage of the worlds population we’re gone, the remaining population would have grounds to rebuild a new world. That population would be united in the fact that they are the sole survivors and experienced hell on earth to its fullest, the survivors would then have the same ideas, the perfect basis for a new world, no different views and goals that will inevitably lead to war.
Now, consider this. We are currently leaving the age of Pisces and entering into the age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces was the foundations of the Christian religion, and before that (the age of Aries) the Jewish faith. If we were to follow that trend, into the age of Aquarius, doesn’t that mean we are due a new savior? I’m not a believer of god, and many in this world are not, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to convince the masses that a new savior has arrived…
New jesus guy: “Im the new jesus”
General public: “pffft yeh right”
But what if we are not due a new savior but a new world with a new way of thinking? For that to take hold, we’d need to experience a near death experience. Depopulation maybe?
“Whether the earth is shaken by natural catastrophes, or nuclear warfare, or both, earth and the life upon it does survive. More than that, however: A New Age emerges and the devastating changes that have preceded it are understood to have been necessary purgations effecting the transformation of humanity into a new mode of being. By analogy, just as the individual near death experiencer may have to endure the pain and suffering associated with the trauma of almost dying before positive personal transformation can take place, so the world may need to undergo a “planetary near-death experience” before it can awaken to higher, more spiritual, collective consciousness with universal love at its core.” – Kenneth Ring, Transpersonal Psychologist
Just something to ponder.
Blue… who is ‘we’?

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SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colored Moon <3

The more the population increases the less food there is. Wars and Genicides whipped ppl out. Therefore they stop us from over population. But there is another way to stop it. Its stop having babies! Like what china is doing now…. Oh another way to do it is to allow gay marriage?


Since the United States is losing manufacturing jobs that it will never get back, we have no incentive to have more children who will have no jobs to work at.


1 bilyon peeple.
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There is a new Savior, and in fact more then one.
You could in fact say that we’re all Saviors but, some
more then the others,………………………………………..
The Earth could feel a act of depopulation with all of the relevant theories
that are present and give truth due to events and acts currently being played and foretold in addition to also ”living” in a sense as we ”speak”,…….
The true thing is like what one of the Saviors once said,…….
“but it wasn’t until I deciphered the cave wall that I realized
life was an equation best simplified but, one that you cant solve”
We will either wait and see the outcome but, the Creator said
“..if a man search then he will see..” “..but in the end I just hope he has mercy on me..”
“….Realest sh*t I ever heard since I begun my search years ago before this life….”
…….,Just be your Best, do your Best, fail-safe it & expect the worse and accept the Best.
“Knowledge is but one key to life, knowing it isn’t enough till you utilize it.”


Depopulation has been a topic of discussion within the government realm for quite some time. Of course any information is meant to be highly confidential until there’s a leak. The general public then gets hold of the information and runs with it twisting and turning it as it generates through society causing an unfounded fear. Most of the data is then so tattered nobody knows what the truth is.
Let’s say for instance depopulation is truth. The questions then aren’t “What’s going to happen if this does take place?” or “When is this going to happen?” The questions are “How is this depopulation theory going to be put into action?” “How is it going to be carried out?” “Which countries will or will not be affected?” “Who will be allowed to survive?” But most disheartening “How will we abolish all these people? Gas, disease, famine, genocide?”
Whether possible depopulation is true or not it doesn’t frighten me but it does make me wonder where our human values have gone.


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