Depending on where you live should Wicca be practiced diffrently?

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In Australia most wiccans celebrate the Sabbats backwards eg. they celebrate Yule late June because that’s when its cold in Australia.
I was just wondering if the Sabbats should be celebrated on different days or should the rituals change somewhat to compromise the weather difference in Australia?
Wicca is an earth based religion after all.

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I think it would make sense to do it like that.


Yes. It makes no sense for Austrailian Wiccans to celebrate the harvest festival of Samhain in Spring, for example.
Many Wiccans consider the “official” dates of holidays to be recommendations and encourage Wiccans to find environmental indicators rather than calendar dates to schedule the Sabbats around. The primary purpose of the Sabbats is to keep us more in tune with the natural solar cycle. Strictly following a calendar is counterproductive.

g h a s t l y

Wicca is very versatile and you can practice it in any way you see fit for your lifestyle.
There are no real boundaries other than, do unto others as you would do unto yourself. (modern version of the 3 fold law).


Yep and we used to call it Guy Fox night for other reasons and those were the good old days that is for sure.


the sabbats should be practiced according to your seasons. If winter is in june, winter solstice is in june, so in effect yule, celebrating winter solstice, is in june in austrailia.

kirra blackhart

I’m not Wiccan but I do refute the statement that the sabbats are celebrated “backwards” in Australia. Backwards implies that it is incorrect.
What would be incorrect is to celebrate summer solstice in the middle of winter. Therefore Wiccans residing in the southern hemisphere celebrate the sabbats 6 months earlier that their counterparts in the northern hemisphere.

Nyssa ♥ Cuppycake Yum Yum ♥

Yes, I think so. The sabbats aren’t about the date they fall on. There is no need to celebrate the sabbats on the specific exact date they fall on anyways, in my opinion. For example, last Lughnasadh I celebrated the holiday on the first day I went raspberry picking, not on the actual day of Lughnasadh.
There is no point celebrating Yule on a date when the crops are growing, and when it is actually summer solstice in your area.
Another thing to consider – what about Wiccans who come from areas of the world where there are less than four season?

Labgrrl, CWF

In general there are two ways to do this- either substitute local harvests/events or celebrate evvents as they occur in a perceived homeland.
I find the first is better in the Southern Hemisphere, the second in the tropics.


In Oz, they do things just fine, stop helping.
You do know that the “weather” is not the reason for the Southern Hemispheres Calendar differences?
Please, go back to school and learn about the Earth, then report to your H.P.s office for a lesson in “keep silent”.


Merry Meet Starvuli,
The standard Sabbats marked in the Wheel of the Year as follows:
The Sabbats dates for the Northern hemisphere:
Yule- Winter Solstice (December 21st/22nd )
Imbolc — Beginning of Spring (February 1st/2nd )
Ostara- Spring Equinox (March 21st/22nd)
Beltaine- Fertility Festival (April 30th/May 1st)
Litha- Summer Solstice (June 21st/22nd)
Lughnasadh- First Harvest (August 1st/2nd)
Mabon- Autumn Equinox (September 21st/22nd)
Samhain- New Year (October 31)
The Sabbats dates for the Southern hemisphere:
Yule – Winter Solstice (June 21st/22nd)
Imbolc- Beginning of Spring (August 1st/2nd)
Ostara- Spring Equinox (September 21st/22nd)
Beltaine- Fertility Festival (October 31st/November 1st)
Litha- Summer Solstice (Dec 21st/22nd)
Lughnasadh- First Harvest (February 1st/2nd)
Mabon- Autumn Equinox (March 21st/22nd)
Samhain- New Year (April 30)
I hope this blurp helps out.
Blessed Be

Mad Hatter

Absolutely. The value of the Sabbats is in their meaning, not the date on which they “officially” fall. There’s no need to adhere to a specific schedule of dates if it doesn’t make sense.


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