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demon,demon possession,evil?

my names is james i was surfing the web trying to find some info on demonic possession and i can acrossed you’r site
i dont know if i’m possess’ed or not i just know somethings not right
about a year ago i started studying about hell,demon’s,and things i chould’ent have been doing i got to the pont to where i would set up all night studying and then when i would go to bed i would still think about these evil spirits till i’d fall asleep somewhere along the way i’v picked up
sleep paralysis i never had this till i started studying what i studyed i never gave it much mind. it seem’s i dont realy get angery but it’s more like theres 2 parts of me and sometimes meny it does sound stuped i no..it had come to the pont to where i would set around talking to this part of me i got to the pont to where i’ll be setting around and a shiver will run over me and i’ll start talking crazy ward’s that i’m not sure what they are now my face has started jurking my black parts of these eyes it seem stay’s larger then used to about a few months after i started studying what i studyed i kapt all this tide’ed from my mother she’s told me a few nights ago she was waycked up from sleep with a mid size thing on there belly-chest with bright yellow eyes she said it was like under the cover but like the head was sticking out from under it get told it to be gone in the name of the lord juses criset ( sorry about the spelling )
i’v had dream in the passed pepole’s cant me crazy but the dreams came true there like a jig sew puzzle that you have set put togather..
i belive very strong in god and i belive in that god created this earth the same as the created heaven an hell and all there in in know i need to get back in church and pray like i should but i cant what evers around me is strong i’ts weaking me down i’v got to the pont to where its like all my engery’s shot ever man has his own sin from the 7 it seem’s mine’s lust and Sloth and even Pride
and these spirit’s know’s it wall
i’v always been very withdrawn from others i ant got any friends out here but only 2
think you for
your time
i’m seeking help from one’s who are spiritual on eather side
and please do not try to go on about wall go see a doctor your CRAZY!!!! i’v done been to about 23 and they cant find nothing worng


  1. It sure sounds like demon possession to us. You don’t state whether you’re a Christian. If you are, you can ask God to come take that one or however many there are away.
    This is the danger of opening one’s self to the kingdom of darkness. It’s literally inviting them into your heart and your life, and Jesus is the only one you should ask to be there!

  2. the best way to get a demon to leave is to get the right person in which is Jesus and the demon will leave on his own willingly. when a person come to God through Jesus by faith, you are raised from you spiritual death to life eternal.

  3. Sounds to me as if you have some evil entity messing with you. They are real and they will do anything to weaken you. I have seen these things first hand, even with my own son. You must pray to God, in Jesus’ name, to protect you from this evil. Believe with all your heart that God will help you. Remember, God is stronger than they. They fear His name. If you have God on your side, evil cannot abide there. If all else fails, see a priest, or pastor. You may need your home blessed. But for goodness sake, stop dabbling in the black arts. It’s no joke, it’s for real. You do not want to go there. God Bless.

  4. I’m truly amazed that you say you “believe very strong in God….” and yet you stupidly starting fraternizing with the demons! Get back to church as quickly as possible and have your pastor pray with you as soon as possible. You have been very foolish indeed, but your “sickness” is fixable with God’s strong healing power. But never, ever again party with demons – they are way far stronger than you.

  5. go to a church…and ask for a prayer
    also pray by yourself…
    oh, a demon can’t posses you…they got no right over you
    you’re God’s creation, therefore his property
    They can just play with you and mess with your life

  6. You do not have signs of demon possession. What you DO have are signs of OBSESSION with the subject of demons. Real demon possession is very rare and nothing like this. I am NOT saying that you’re crazy, perhaps depressed. You need to focus your mind on healthy thoughts, find a hobby, something you enjoy doing. Become a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or another worthy organization. You will find that when you busy yourself by giving your time to others in need, you will not have time to think unhealthy thoughts. There is nothing wrong with you, you just need to take control of your thoughts. Good luck


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