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Demon possessed or Sleep paralysis? Atheist and Christians alike please comment?

I read a post(http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Al1yP5SmxYpQ4NdfQnhlALgjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080405161536AAoZtCS), “conclusive proof in demons”. I suffered from very similar situation. I am always at my grandmothers house, sleeping on the couch. Late at night I wake up and see dark figure walking around(Google shadow people). They are casually walking around, ignoring me. At first(and they started when I was about 8) I thought my grandma’s house was haunted. Then a few years later I watched A TV show talking about Sleep paralysis. A natural atheist I jumped on this conclusion, though to this day I never even step foot in her house alone.
A few minutes ago I read a post, mentioned above, and many said it was demon possession. So my question, is sleep paralysis the Atheist version of demon possession? Like evolution and creationism? Or is it only in certain situation? And Christians what do think of it? Haunted? It might be in my head, and simply a nurture factor, but I will get chills when I’m in any given room of house alone. I feel like I’m being watched, and there is something not nice watching me. views please?
Oh ya, I forget to mention, ya it does follow sleep paralysis perfectly, meaning I can’t move, except my eyes, and it feels like something is crushing my chest.


  1. These are delusions someone is suffering from….it’s obviously a sleep related issue that needs to be treated by a medical professional.
    I really hope they go get the help they really need.

  2. yeah i had the same thing happen to me and i am Christian so i dont think it is demons, at most (i dont really know about sleep paralysis) its just a messed up dream to me

  3. You’re freaking yourself out and working yourself into a needless frenzy.
    It’s all in your head. If you’re an atheist, you should know that.

  4. i think it is more like amental thing, no joke, im not trying to be mean, it sounds like youve got something going on with ur eyes in the dark that causes u to see shadows and stuff. that use to happen to me all the time,but it doesnt anymore. (i think it just happened to me because i wasa kid and naturally scared of the dark so i saw weird things)

  5. I lived in a house with a spirit, ghost, or whatever you want to call it, and sleep paralysis was very common among people that came to stay the night. They usually didn’t stay more than once. But demon possession??? That’s a little extreme.

  6. Dude. i’m an atheist… you need to see someone about this…. it is not normal. I just did an advanced web search on key terms from this question…. somethings wrong with your brain.

  7. Sleep paralysis is a well-known phenomenon called a hypnagogic state.
    The phrase demon ‘possession’ does not exist in the original Biblical Greek [it’s an incorrect translation] – it is ‘to have’ a demon or be ‘demonised’.

  8. Depression will cause this.
    No demons, no possessions… I am an atheist, but i am not closed minded. My ex used to see leprachauns on the end of her bed at night – she used to wake me up, scared as hell, cos she thought they were gonna kill her. I used to have to get up and just hold her cos she was so scared. Turned out she was severely depressed. Starting taking anti-depressants and got some help… the ‘demons’ went away.
    I am not telling you you’re depressed, cos thats a little bit of a stretch cos i dont know you, but maybe do a depression test online… who knows what you can find?

  9. most mediums ask to be protected from bad spirits. if you have not stepped foot into your grandmas house that should tell you something of your feeling for the energy inside that house. i thought sleep paralysis is that you can’t move when sleeping, but i maybe wrong. i’ve never met anyone who has a demon possession but i would definitely think it would be different. (the link doesn’t work) trust your intuition that there is something in that house that you don’t like and just leave it at that.

  10. If it is demons, I doubt your possessed. They can mess with you though, especially the “unsaved.” (Meaning those who don’t know Christ.) If these are really demons, the only one really who can get rid of them is God.
    I’d love to talk more to you about it. (Seriously). If you want to talk, please e-mail me through my profile.

  11. Sounds like the supernatural to me…. not demon possession though. If you were possessed you wouldn’t be in control of yourself 😉
    “I feel like I’m being watched, and there is something not nice watching me.”
    I’m not sure about Islam or Judaism, but in Christianity, demons hate man more than any other creature because man is made in God’s image.

  12. okay well i’m neither atheist or christian
    but i can say that no one can tell you if its sleep paralysis or demon possession. or simply a haunting.
    as you probably know (from all this crazy religious fighting that goes on here) people will all put their arguments down but in the end, its really just what you think
    of course i’m not gunna tell you what i think about this personally because the christians and atheists would both yell at me
    but what i will say is just calm down
    so far, as you’ve said, they’re just “casually waling around” and ignoring you
    so, as far as i can tell, nothing has ever happened, so i don’t see any reason why anything ever will
    (just don’t do anything stupid and try to get it to notice you)

  13. I’m pretty sure within sleep paralysis the mind is in a sense still partly asleep, which is why “hallucinations” of figures can happen.
    Although if you can’t move (of feel like something is holding you down, keeping you from moving), that’s would be classic signs of sleep paralysis. The body has a natural sleep phase where it does paralyze you, to keep you from moving in your sleep and possibly injuring yourself. In sleep paralysis people wake up in the middle of this, but not fully awake. The body still can’t move, the mind is still dreaming, but people are aware of where they are.
    Thank goodness I’ve never experienced this because it sounds rather scary.
    Edit: As for feeling like you are being watched… Have you ever watched that Ghost Hunter’s show on Sci-fi? They talk a lot about how high EMF (electro-magnetic fields) in some places can give some people various symptoms, including feelings of being watched and paranoia. Particularly if your grandmother’s home is old there is an easy chance of wiring in the walls or heavy wiring in the basement ceiling (or even certain appliances like a ceiling fan) that’s giving off an high EMF and affectes you. Google it.
    Might even get a little meter yourself and check it out, see if any areas where you feel weird spike up on the meter.

  14. It may not be demonic possession as much as you just seeing death spirits. Those are what the “shadow people” are. If you’re posessed you will feel completely insane. Your nerves could all jump up and make you do things in anger; you could literally behave like some of those stereotypical insane people everyone has in their head, like talking to yourself, laughing hysterically.
    Best thing to do? Wash your hands and face and pray to Jesus Christ for help. And I’m saying this in meaning that He will help you. May not be in the way you think you want, though.

  15. OH wow dude it sounds just like something that happen to me back when i was like 14, but i think the only reason it happen to me was because i was being stupid with friends trying to call spirits and stuff. I had the same thing you had at your grandmas only mine was in my room at night. At first my mom wouldn’t pay attention to me because she said i was trying to call attention, then i started waking up in the corners of my room then month later my mom notice red lines on my back shaped of scratches. I was not posses or anything like that but i had an exorcism done and i was forced to do my first Communion. Ever sense that i wish till this day to be able to have a nightmare i would give anything, and i see things every now and then but i am not scared any more. I was living in colombia at the time and my mom had like this witch do spells on me and stuff and its been great but i miss having jumpy dreams at night but i dint like that i see black shadows every ones in a while.

  16. This is serious I have ghost/demon(s) around me. I see the shadows and i can feel the springs depress on bed when they sit and them touching my face. its really scary. I am not mentally ill or sick i have been given the all clear. but it still happens. No harm has come to me. They don’t talk to me. i just ignore them. its taken five years just to let them be and not be scared of them. No one is gonna hurt you just keep positive mind and don’t think about them.
    Think of it as we are special, we have the ability to see them. As for possession it is usually your own mind that consumes you with fear, fatigue and loneliness.
    Keep strong. fight you own fears you are strong as you allow yourself to be.

  17. I think it is possible to be an atheist and believe in “ghosts”
    very bright scientists are at this time contemplating the existence of energy bodies surrounding humans [possibly electromagnetic] and one theory is that after death each energy fields can remain intact which would explain “ghosts” or our perception of something that we think of as a ghost.
    I have seen, and experienced “a ghost” while living with headhunters on the remote island of Borneo Indonesia. I am also a very strong atheist.
    being an atheist only means you refuse to believe in something purely based on faith. What you and I have experienced is real to us, and therefore there is no leap of faith. Just because science can only explain so much right now, it does not mean we will cease to continue discovering new things. Take the new theories of sub atomic particles that are now being discussed.
    My uncle works for NASA and I have talked extensively with him about these sorts of things. he has experienced unseen energy bodies very vividly in his life and does not believe in God
    I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just make sure you don’t shut your mind off “in the name of science”, because science is evolving. and you are presumably a rational person.
    Here’s a link from another NASA scientists:
    “Barbara Brennan is a former NASA scientist whose ground-breaking
    exploration of the human energy field is discussed in her books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging.”
    I hope this at least sheds light on the reality, that we do not fully understand reality!

  18. I Googled “shadow people”, and I find it pretty interesting (disturbing too), but I believe they have something to do with demons.
    To get rid of them, I find this to be true:
    Mark 16:17 “In My name they will cast out demons;”
    and that
    “Every believer has the ability to bind rebuke and cast out this harasment by binding these spirits in the name of Jesus Christ by the power and the authority of the Blood of Jesus Christ, by the power and the authority of the word of God.”
    Feel free to email if you wanna talk more about this.
    Hope that helped:)

  19. well you didnt say anything about how you couldnt move. Sleep paralysis is when you are paralyzed for seconds to several minutes and some have had hallucinations during this time. It sounds like you did but if you feel something in your grandma’s house then it might be haunted and never was sleep paralysis. I dont think sleep paralysis is the atheist version of demon possession. I am a Christian and I watch and read a lot about the supernatural world because it interests me. I also believe that most can be explained by something like this. I would ask your grandmother about the house and if she knows the history of it and if anything weird happened then maybe it was a ghost or a demon. But i wouldnt call it demon possession. Read about the folklore on sleep paralysis, it is very interesting!

  20. i have suffered from the same thing before, or rather a similiar thing. i had daymares sort of. it is night when it hppens and im usualy VERY tired, but it is like a series of the same show with the same “demonic” figure. though each night it happens, its a diferent “demonic figure. i am paralized when it happens (out of fear). i believe i was not possessed, but maybe i was being pecked at. i have never been possessed but those instances make me feel like demons tried to anyways. you were not possessed. my “daymares” were MUCH worse than your little shadow people. they had faces, laughs, demonic humor, etc. demon possession can not be characterized as sleep paralysis because possession is too horrible for that simple name. try night terrors. im a firm believer in Christ, but youd know if you were possessed. i pray you aint. if you want (or need) to talk, email me. if youre over the age of 18, find a good church. i have a feeling you will find the right church. go with how you feel bout the church and youll find the right one talk to the preacher bout it.

  21. I have sleep paralysis.
    I am a Christian.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with demon possession, if it did then how would it be able to be suppressed by medications and other steps (like not taking naps).
    If it were something out of the spiritual realm, wouldn’t that be stronger than medicine?

  22. I see that no one’s posted here in a while, so I hope at least someone reads this. Just happened within a matter of minutes ago.
    It was like I was.. mentally awake, but physically asleep type thing. But whenever it happened, I was like.. flying, and then falling repeatedly and people were sitting in the air watching me. (the falling part felt really cool though) And then I fake woke up I walked to the living room and someone was sitting really close to the tv and I tried telling them that something was wrong with me. Then, I realized that I wasn’t really awake, and walked back to bed.

    Whenever I realized I was asleep, yet sort of conscious, I thought about the whole “astral projection” thing, and kind of tried to try it, but all I ended up doing, was rolling around on some really small beach. [failure] But it felt really cool.

    I tried turning on the light, but it wouldn’t come on. And then my computer was talking to me. Except it wasn’t actually my computer. It was a demon. I don’t exactly understand what he was telling me, because he was talking kind of low, and wouldn’t really speak up. But I’m pretty sure it was something about the type of person I am. And then he mentioned something about a mentally challenged family member. I was like “Okay, well.. can I wake up now?” and he’s like “Okay, but – -” and proceeded to explain more stuff. And then finally I was able to wake up. But whenever I woke up, I only opened my eyes, stared for a few minutes, and then fully got up.
    also, the thing TOLD me it was a demon..
    But I’m an atheist, and after reading several forums, I’m convinced it has something to do with religion, but I’m not exactly sure yet.


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