Home Discussion Forum Deja-vu times two continued. What are the ideal conditions. - ken shortt?

Deja-vu times two continued. What are the ideal conditions. – ken shortt?

Responses to my double deja-vu was 25% discomforting and 75% rewarding. Such highly improbable coincidences usually occur when my life is calm or I am focused on spiritual things (which may sometimes be ego driven but most of the time not). I found that such things also happened when I was in love (a state of mind which I found to be much harder to sustain). Do you notice that to be true as well.
***kingah*** I agree. It isn’t magic. And most spirituality and religion is superstion and imagination but the body is much more complex than any machine we have created. The brain-more than a computer, the body-more than a robot. Machines, as they become more refined will uncover a more subtle science that we now call spirituality. Real spiritual understanding has been a science for centuries but only a handful of people on this planet are deciplined enough to use their mind and body to study what we childishly call heaven and hell.
ken shortt
*** Naguru *** I have no idea what you are trying to say but I would like to. try again.


  1. Deja vu’s are your memory playing tricks on you.
    You can make someone believe something happened when it actually did not happen. That’s how decieving the memory is. There’s nothing magical about it.

  2. Sometime, if we keep the matter pending, or keep it in abeyance or learn how to procrastinate, then it may give some relief. Allowing time is the best to solve some knotty issues.

  3. I just had a case of Deja-vu, I’ll let you know when I get a qualified question from you, Ken.
    This is heavy man.


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