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Deja vu and telepathy?

I have had countless experiences of deja vu. I always dream of random flashes in life, then they happen. My dreams hint th future. Also, I think I can use telepathy, sometimes I call out to my cats in my mind, they come. And once I was watching a nature program, they showed pictures of two bears fighting, my mind translated that as fighting over a fishing territory, a moment later, the narrator of the show said that they were fighting over a fishing territory! What causes it?
BTW, please use no reference to religon, I am not religous.


  1. Deja vu? Happens all the time, unless every one of your days is different. If you look at the past you can predict the future.
    Cats come to people frequently, and not just when they are called. But only when they want to be fed or are looking for a stroke or a lap to sit on.
    If two bears are fighting it’s only going to be over food or a female bear. You had a 50% chance of getting it right.

  2. Same thing for me but once i saw a flash from the past (war), but that time i was awake. When im asleep I see Flashes of the future, nothing moves in my flashes almost like a picture. The one about the fish and bears is definatley NOT telapathy. Posiblty the cat story. NOT the bear story. The bear story was a version of deja vu, or just being lucky. Im not gona believe Telepathy still.
    Disgustin’ Justin, person above me, they also fight for territory, and sometimes to kill(Rarely happens but happens). So Change you precentage. Please Edit your answer.

  3. i find it funny that you say not to reference religion arent you even a tad curious? hmm well in the bible it speaks of psychic lady who forsees the future she is possessed with demons..and I think its similar with miss slyvia brown perhaps she can read minds and or both see the spiritual realm..either way meh I dont really care 🙂 lol – cant be explained if the b*tches love to keep secrets secret..
    anyhow i’m sure there are possibilities it is written in the bible sorry to tell you there will come a time when men will want to die and wont be able to..men will possess the abilities you speak of and more.

  4. Coincidence, do you expect everyday to be completely different, deja vu is nothing more than the familiar, as for telepathy maybe your watching too much sci fi.

  5. This is great. Your are in tuned to the energies around you. You were born with this ability although it can be developed. I am the same way. I got sick of trying to relate this with narrow minded people who do not believe anything can happen to someone unless it already happened to them. So, in search of answers I studied psychology, a lot about the human mind and how it works, the science of the mind and also the bible. You don’t want to hear that but in my quest I found that science and religion ties in together.) Just be happy with your ability and grow with it. You will find your own way to develop it or rid youself of it. Just keep exploring the human mind.

  6. from medical point of view, deja-vu means that u are tired, your mind is tired. happends to everyone, it has nothing to do with positive energies, etc.
    just plan some good sleep! u probably hate me now for what I just wrote.

  7. That happens to me alot too, and not just when I am tired. Usually I’ll dream something then forget about it after I wake up, then something will happen from the dream, and I’ll get a sense of deja vu and start to remember other things from the dream. It’s kinda weird at first, but then I just roll with it, and the feeling of deja vu passes.

  8. Some say that clairvoyance is a matter of being able to expand one’s consciousness beyond the physical body. Theoretically everyone can do this because consciousness is not really localized but ubiquitous (all over that is). So if you can be in consciousness instead of just in your personal head, then you can be clairvoyant.
    Deja vu, however, is considered by neurologists to be kind of like a brain burp and is a symptom of epilepsy. The idea–and I’m not saying this is going on with you–it’s just an FYI–The idea is that a person who experiences deja vu subjectively thinks he or she is experiencing something that they already experienced–but it’s really that his brain hasn’t caught up to things in the right sequence and so there is a feeling that the thing being experienced already happened.
    If its any consolation, under the right conditions, I’ve experienced the types of things you are describing as well, especially during my youth


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