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Deepak Chopra?

I like some of his teachings and think that they are wounderful. What do you think?


  1. I do too…but I felt badly for him when he was concerned for a friend [of his] shortly after the Twin Towers went down. Did you know about that?

  2. There is much of Chopra that I have read which I do find interesting. I have not read all of his stuff. In 2001 I worked as an editor on an alternative medicine book and we were sent information from him. His understanding of the mind and the way it can influence and heal the body is incredible. Many of his teachings are vedic wisdom from ancient texts, but his awareness and ability to connect spirituality with psychology and quantum physics, in a way that the lay person can understand is astounding.

  3. The man is a genius. He has so much understanding of a truth that very few of us are awaken too. I think studying his theories will lead anyone to a better life.


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