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Death, What's the big deal?

When you die you either go and sit with Jesus, or are accepted back into the cosmic consciousness or whatever, or, you don’t exist. Either way I don’t see how the experience could be bad. On the one hand you’re experiencing a higher level of awareness, or you don’t exist at all and can’t think about anything. All I am saying is that it’s not like your going to be brooding about being dead for the rest of time.
The only people who should possibly fear death, in my opioion, are those who believe in hell. (I don’t because I can’t imagine a logical purpose for it. Banished to hell for eternity? Hoe does that help anyone?)


  1. people fear it.
    they need a cult belief, like christianity, as a crutch to get through life to assuade that fear.
    simple as that.
    you will draw nothing but hate from christians for any opinions that differ from theirs. i am deist, i do not fear death at all. it is only a change, something new.
    the bible threats (you’ll burn in hell! etc…) don’t phase me at all. mindless christians always fall back on those to try and force people to think like they do.

  2. yeah, i guess there is no big deal in death, unless you believe in hell like you said,.
    But then again christians (like me…) believe in hell, but they shouldnt be afraid of death though, because they believe that everyone who accepts Jesus as their saviour gets to go to heaven. (So no fear there…)
    but some people who dont know what will happen to them after they die, that can be scary so i see why death can be a “big deal”.

  3. Every choice we make has a consequence, good or bad. To be eternally separated from God is the most frightening thing to me.I do believe there will be a judgment for our sins. It will come.

  4. There is no such thing as heaven or hell. The most frighting thing about death is not about dying itself but the process of dying.

  5. people are not affraid of death they are affraid of the unknown. if you talk to Christians, the true believers that is, they will tell you they do not fear death. they look forward to it. that is when they will receive their reward for their struggles to remain true Christians. Jesus came to earth to redeem man by giving his life on the cross for man’s sins. the old testament is a book of ancient fairy tales. the new testament is the history of the Christian religion and the man Jesus. most of the language of the Bible is symbolic and changed from it original version as it was passed down from generation to generation. before written text it was told and retold from memory, word for word.
    it is no coincidence that the devil reined on earth and God in the sky. when people are negative they hold their head down. when they are joyous they lift their head up to the stars. earth is hell. every description of hell in the Bible can be used to describe earth in those times. we all know how much it hurts to burn yourself and that burns leave scars that last forever. hell was a way to frighten people into compliance with the social morays of the time. little children were told that if they did not obey the devil would come and take them to a place where they would burn forever. it is the original good guy, bad guy theme. the struggle to be rightious against the desire to be anti-social. religion is a way of controlling people thru fear not might. to do that you have to use what people fear the most. HELL.

  6. Hell being a place of fire and torment is NOT a bible teaching. If you ask the right people they can show from the bible that it is just a grave. Sheol or Hades refers to a common grave.
    Jehovah would not put people in a place of torment. You die. You don’t go somewhere else to suffer. And the bible speaks of 144.000 going to heaven and an unknown number living on the earth.
    You go back to the ground as Jehovah told Adam and Eve. The spirit [life force] goes back to God, the body goes back to dust/ashes and the soul…dies. God does remember ones and will resurrect those at a later time.
    Hell was used as a scare tactic for false religion and is one of several misleading beliefs that they teach.
    When a person dies they are not conscious of anything the bible says.
    Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; Psalms 146:4; Ezekiel 18:4; Romans 6:23;


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